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Updated: May 1, 2022

The Prognosis for November

On a national level, this will be a month of unexpected change that has not been seen yet. As different as the change may be, everything will wind up harmonious and fit like a glove. Although this pandemic has been hard on everybody, you can’t argue that it has brought up a lot of truths about yourself and life and makes you see things that you otherwise would have been blinded by in the past. Sometimes you move around so much you don’t see what is there. Staying in one place can be an opportunity to open your eyes even more.

The cards indicate there will be lots of change. Things from the past will be moving into something new and different. Don’t fight it because it will not be without a lot of wisdom that will help shape our nation for the better. The process for progress may feel long and tedious, but it will be on the right path. From this winter to next winter, we will rise again. Cue little orphan Annie, singing “Tomorrow” from the musical.

On a personal level, there will be a lot of unexpected change to come. The placement of the sun card is in the center meaning the change will be good for you. What it could also mean is that you will find new alternatives in your profession, so don’t be afraid to change your life with something new on a professional level.


Right now, I would like to call you the grand procrastinator. You have a job that you are very good at, but you don’t like it, and you don’t know how to give up something you don’t like. In November, you will be approached by someone who wanted to give you a new job opportunity in the past. You know it is the right opportunity for you, but you will still procrastinate. Eventually, you will take it. Although this may be a very different profession for you, it will come very naturally with no stress. You will be able to become just as established with this new job as you were with your current one.


You’ve been waiting long and hard for a promotion or an upgrade in your profession. The wait is almost over. As much as you’ve been anticipating this opportunity, there is still some fear and trepidation around it, yet you know it's right for you. You feel your superiors will not like the ideas that you have. To your amazement, everything flows beautifully. Also, the nice thing about the upgrade in your profession is you can stay in the same place. They will not ask you to move.


If you are not careful, there is a chance you may have no choice but to relinquish the position you hold within your job. You will feel it is unexpected, and you will try to do something to avoid being replaced. Unfortunately, you will have no choice but to move on to new endeavors with your life. I recommend you stay in one place for a while because the doors won’t be opening as fast as you like. Look at it this way; you have another chance to be alone with yourself to think about what other avenues you need to go down.


Your superiors will be giving you an assignment within your profession that will be your responsibility to complete. On some level, you feel that they should have assigned staff to help you. You will be pleasantly surprised that you will single-handedly take care of everything and even contribute ideas of your own to this project. Do not travel for a little while longer. Stay in one place if you can. Trust me, you are not going to be missing anything, and on the bright side, you will be saving money if you don’t travel. Traveling will be a hassle or even harassment. You might have to take a Covid test, stay in isolation for a while, and go through a process that isn’t pretty. It will be more trouble than it’s worth. So regardless of whether it is professional or social, it would be advisable that you do not travel this month. Again, it will be exhausting and stressful and not worth it.


Although you are very willing and able to extend yourself with other work-related ideas, it would be advisable that you wait a little longer even if the idea of waiting is frustrating to you. Maybe because of current circumstances, you feel certain work opportunities for making lots of money are slipping out of your hands. When I say this, I am not trying to placate you, but you are not losing as much money as you think you are. You’ll be able to get back on your feet shortly and be very successful. Although you are going through stress now, it is not worth raising your blood pressure. You already have an opportunity of what you would like to do in mind, so rest assured, you’ll get what you want even if you think the waiting period is tormenting you. Perhaps you will retire from your current position to a newer job that fits you perfectly.


For quite some time now, you have been at odds with someone that you are very close with. You’ve tried every angle to repair this friendship, so you can’t say you failed when this relationship ends. Just because a relationship ends does not mean your life will be lesser than it is. Sometimes even close relationships are not healthy. Once you release this person, a lot of new doors will open, and you will be successful in more than one thing. What you might not realize is that not all energies match, and one can bring the other down unintentionally. Without this person in your life, your emotional and psychical health will get better.


You will be getting an opportunity that’s like an all-expense-paid trip to go someplace. Despite the pandemic, I am not getting any negative cards, and against my judgment, I would recommend you go on this trip. It will be a trip that will be very quick but very good for you. All the cards are positive. This will be good for you personally and professionally. Although this will be a month of transition, you will realize certain things that don’t work anymore and can let them go and move on. So, even though I would not encourage travel during a pandemic, I would be remiss if I did not read what the cards point out.


This will be a month where you will feel like you are a chicken without a head because you’ll be doing so many chores and errands. It feels like you don’t have as much control in your life as you’ll like. Don’t worry, everything will be happening all at once and wind up smoothly. Of course, you don’t have to be a martyr, and you can ask for help. You have rounded up enough karmic brownie points for assistance, but you have to ask. On a good note, whatever physical ailments you have been having will be clearing up miraculously as if the other side has decided to intervene and help your health.


This time of incubation has been good for you, although you don’t see it that way. It’s has been balancing things for you on an emotional level. Since you’re very experienced and very good at the work that you do, this time of not being able to do as much as you like has saved you a lot of trials and tribulations. Although you can’t see it, this pandemic has saved you on many levels professionally. Because of this, toward the beginning of the New Year, you should get a lot of new and great opportunities.


The cards are saying that it is better that you stay in one spot and not venture out. Look at the bright side; everyone will come to you instead of you going to them. Staying in one place will help you avoid little accidents that you may experience if you travel. For health reasons, it would be better that you stay where you are. By staying in one place, you will also have the advantage of taking care of anything you feel is out of place in your life. You will discover new ways of doing things that have not been working for you.


Aquarians have been going through a lot of changes in the last few years and even more years to come. Come December, Aquarians will be going through a Saturn transit which means lots of change. By no means is this a bad thing, but aspects of your work and your love life will be changing. Don’t be afraid, trust it. Don’t feel bad if you change jobs, end an old relationship, or even start a better relationship. Whatever mountains you have been trying to move the last few years will now be moving whether you like it or not.

As exhausting as it may feel for you, all these changes will be nothing short of great for you. Aquarius is a fixed sign and doesn’t like change, but right now, it is a time for change and growth and to be lifted to another page. Despite all your kicking and screaming and hollering, you will be very thankful for this transformation in the ending.


Although you have been dating someone that is your polar opposite, it is a great relationship. Well, opposites attract so, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! During the holidays you will feel it is wise that you stay where you are even if you are sad about it. Look at it this way; it will give you more quality time to be with the one you love the most and provide the opportunity to make your love relationship stronger.



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