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The Prognosis for November 2023

Global Reading

As we slip into November, the planet Pluto will finally be direct. This means you will be more comfortable with the choices you make. Plus, it also means more secrets will come out to the public.

This month, Saturn will go direct. This means all the other planets will be able to do what they're really supposed to do. For example, with Venus, money will be able to flow freeer, and our food supply won't be as pricey as it once was.

This will also be a good month for business opportunities, and you'll feel the flow of things opening up with no postponements. Whatever decisions you make, chances are things will be in your favor. Also, I've done the cards more than once, and it looks like we will almost have a WWIII. We will be pretty close to it, but it won't happen. Maybe I'm a bit cynical in my fellow man, but the real reason it won't is there is too much money to be made for it to actually happen!

Light all around you ;-)!


(See your astrological sign below:)


November will be a month of job opportunities for you within your profession. What's good about these opportunities are you won't have to relocate if you don't want to. Just make sure that you get everything you want into your business contract. On another note, there is something at home that needs fixing, or shall I say upgraded. This issue has been bothering you for quite some time, and it's resolvable with more persistence.


Right now is not the time to make any demands at work. No matter what you say, nothing will happen. Patience is the keyword here. Things will get done how you like them, but the more you push, the less you get. The less you do anything, the more you will get. Your boss knows what's going on. It's a corporate matter that needs settled on their end.


This will be a very good month for you with business negotiations. Everything you want will fall into place for you. The only problem you have is fear of the responsibility you will be taking on. Don't be afraid. Take the plunge, and you'll do a great job and feel very accomplished. All this will open up a new doorway for other future projects.


There are matters from your past that need cleaning up (so to speak), or they will be nagging you until you do something about them. And don't worry! A loved one will be by your side to help you resolve the issue at hand. The sooner you get a handle on it, the sooner you'll be able to breathe easier.


This will be one of those months where you'll have to shake off whatever doesn't work for you in your life anymore. It's unnecessary weight that you don't have to carry around. If you do this for yourself, you accelerate and advance much faster and easier in your endeavors in life. You may have to act as a mediator for someone you know. You'll do an excellent job.


This will be one of those months where you'll have to deal with difficult people around you at work. Be very diplomatic, use your expertise, and smile since they're paying you top dollar for your time. You haven't been in the best of health lately. Use an unorthodox way of treating yourself, and you'll cure yourself with flying colors.


This will be a good time to restructure things for yourself at work, or branch off with another job offer you may be getting. Either way, you will be making your workload feel much lighter in the end. Also you may be having a crisis in your love life, so either fix it or walk away.


This will be a month when some doors will open for you after months of nonactivity. You'll be able to breathe a little better now. When this happens, you will prove to your peers and clients what you are capible of. On a romantic level, you'll discover certain truths about your partner. But right now is not the time to approach the subject. Time will explain things.


You have to keep two things in mind this month. Whatever doesn't work on a professional level, let it go. Actually, throw it away! Secondly, you'll have this great idea and approached with other work opportunities. But at this junction, don't tell anyone about it. You'll be having some major problems in your love relationship. It's really up to you if you want to fix them or let the relationship go!


I'm not going to say this with all Capricorns, but a relationship that's pretty recent just may be ending because you may decide to reconcile with a past love. Make sure this is exactly what you want to do. Also this will be a month that you'll have to take special notice on your finances to make sure everything is balanced properly.


You have been waiting for certain projects to mature, and this month, you will see the results from it. But, because of other obligations in your life, you may not be able to appreciate them until the New Year. In the past, you've taken a chance on a few business deals along the way. Well, those deals will now eventually become realities. There will be someone who will want to have a loving relationship with you, but because of other obligations right now, it just can't happen. If they really love you, they'll be patient.


There's a chance that you'll get a promotion in your workplace. The only problem, is that they are not willing to up your salary. I would recommend letting it go until they decide to raise your pay. You'll get both in the long run. You may get a little sick this month, and it may linger. Try to nip-it-in-the-bud so it doesn't ruin your holidays!


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