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The Prognosis for October 2023

Global Reading

This will be one of those months where you should get rid of things from your past that you don't need anymore. Try to renovate or decorate with the items you want to keep before we go into 2024. This will help the energy of your home and workplace feel refreshed and cleaner as we enter the New Year.

As you enter October, you will feel motivated to start new projects. The first two weeks will be the planning stage. Take your time so you get a chance to cross your t's and dot your i's. Then as you get into the last two weeks of October and going into November, the Universe will start working with you to shift everything into 5D.

My guides tell me that this month is not the best time to travel. The conditions for traveling will be pretty topsy turvy, especially if the location is a place you've never been before.

Also, whatever negotiations you are going through, even on a government or company level, the agreements will be difficult to get through. It's not that they can't, but it may be pretty messy.

Last but not least, this will be a good time for new innovation and new ideas, but don't expect anything to begin manifesing until the first week of November.

Light all around you ;-)!


(See your astrological sign below:)


You feel that everyone is pulling on you, and you can't get a breath. Some people, even those close to you, will feel neglected no matter what you do. This will be one of those months where your God given intuition will really serve you, but of course, not without a little bit of organization, meditation and much patience.


As far as work is concerned, you'll be getting more than one opportunity this month coming your way. Be careful what you choose because some options will be deceptive. You have good intuition, so use it!! Also, try to have a clear head. Someone wants to court you, and you just maybe too emotional to see it. This will also be a month where you'll let go of some people who don't work for you anymore.


You have some issues from your past that you may have no choice but to go over again to make sure that everything is still in balance. Someone close to you maybe going through some crisis. Just do a little prayer for them. There is a business investment you made in the past, and it's now worth a lot of money to you. I hope this jogs your memory. Please go to collect it!


Someone that your close to but still have your differences with may be having a health crisis, and will pull through. You may not find out about it until it's over. You can't see it yet, but you stand to get a promotion at work. So, don't jump ship just yet!


You are unaware that there is someone in your workplace that will help you a great deal in your line of specialty. The person feels like an assistant, so you have a great ally at your side, and you just don't know it yet! A person that you've known for a very long time, but not in an intimate way, should eventually be crossing over. Something tells me that your intuition already feels it.


To your surprise, you may get an unexpected visiter staying with you. This visiter may turn out to be a roommate instead. See how you feel about the situation! You will be getting some important answers to some very pressing questions have been troubling you from your past. You'll be happy with the answers you receive. You've been dealing with some chronic health issues for awhile, but for some reason, they just somehow disappear. Don't complain!


You maybe having a crisis with someone who you are very close to. It's not as bad as you thing it is. So, have enough courage to work through it. Your superiors will be giving you a new assignment, but you don't know what the hell to do about it! Don't worry, you'll get through it better than you think. I guess your good charm is working overtime!


You have a very difficult project or assignment to deal with. It feels you've taken too big of a bite to chew. Your only solution is to delay the project until you find the right people to handle it. Look at this as a learning opportunity for you for future events. You'll eventually be meeting with someone that you wanted to meet for a long time. I think you are meeting someone new in this life from a past life.


There will be a business that could go South. I feel this is a situation where you could have lost a lot of money. Count your blessings! Now, the door will be open for another business opportunity that will be more solid and a sweeter deal.


You may be dealing with a situation that may need your immediate attention to be resolved. Your quick decision making will save the day. You want to go on a trip, but it's delayed because you'll have some unexpected obligations to deal with. It shouldn't interupt anything serious for you. You'll have some health issues to take care of, but it just means you haven't found the right medication yet.


There is something about your past that is troubling to you, but for some reason it doesn't affect you in a negative way. You may have no choice but to conduct some business from home. Although you feel a bit disorganized, you'll get through it! Realize, when you can't see everything in front of you, it doesn't mean you can't resolve the issue at hand!


This should be a very cherished month where everything swiftly and pleasantly, while being properly organized falls into place for you. You feel you are not getting enough help at work. All you have to do is speak out a bit, and to your surprise, they'll give it to you. You may be getting a new job opportunity, but they tell me you should stick with the job you have for the time being.


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