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Updated: May 1, 2022

The Prognosis for September 2021

On a personal level, you will feel a repeat from last year. Use your good judgment on what direction to go. There may be some insecurity about how to go about your life. Things won't get together until later in the month because of mishaps one way or another. Be patient, look around, see what's there and then find a way to get through it. You are not sure what to trust in what you hear. Although it will be a strained four weeks, everything will go fast. You might feel like a pancake that is ready to be flipped so that everything is done and feels complete.

You will be dealing with trust issues within the government this month and will struggle with what feels authentic. If something is said that you don’t feel in alignment with right now, let it go. Then you will be at peace with yourself. Even though things might not feel right, you will see the positive results that the government is getting. The cards confirm that our government is going in the right direction even if you disagree, and it rubs you the wrong way. Overall, this will be a very prosperous month for our business sector even if you feel stuck. You will start to see the positive results of what the government is accomplishing. Be open to positive possibilities regardless of your beliefs.

Light all around you!