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Updated: May 1, 2022

The Prognosis for September 2021

On a personal level, you will feel a repeat from last year. Use your good judgment on what direction to go. There may be some insecurity about how to go about your life. Things won't get together until later in the month because of mishaps one way or another. Be patient, look around, see what's there and then find a way to get through it. You are not sure what to trust in what you hear. Although it will be a strained four weeks, everything will go fast. You might feel like a pancake that is ready to be flipped so that everything is done and feels complete.

You will be dealing with trust issues within the government this month and will struggle with what feels authentic. If something is said that you don’t feel in alignment with right now, let it go. Then you will be at peace with yourself. Even though things might not feel right, you will see the positive results that the government is getting. The cards confirm that our government is going in the right direction even if you disagree, and it rubs you the wrong way. Overall, this will be a very prosperous month for our business sector even if you feel stuck. You will start to see the positive results of what the government is accomplishing. Be open to positive possibilities regardless of your beliefs.

Light all around you!



This will be a month where your patience will be tested. If you take your time with things, you will get better results. In fact, the more you give yourself time to think about things, the fewer mistakes you’ll make. The faster you do things, the more mistakes you’ll make. So, look at patience as a virtual this month. Also, it doesn’t hurt to listen to things going on within your workplace. It will get you further ahead. While you’ll be confronted with things at work that you don’t have control over, let them pass and see how other people around you do their work. Then you can jump in, contribute what you want, and call it your own.


The more you schmooze with people and clients at work this month, the more money you’ll make, but you are the one that must start the conversations. This is a time to be positive, humorous, and upbeat at work. Look at everyone as your equal. Then you will be able to sit back, relax and see all the money flow to you. You will have a new business opportunity come up that you are not pursuing but will land in your lap. I would recommend that you take it although you might feel insecure about it. Just think this way: new is best.


This will be a month where you will have a lot of little projects at home and work. You will feel insecure as you start them, but trust yourself. The more confident you are, the more you will get through them without making any mistakes. The less confident you are, the more mistakes you will make, so don’t go that route. Remember, you have all the experience within you to get through it. Anything in your household that is taking up space should be discarded in the fall. Otherwise, it is wasting space. In other words, if it doesn’t work, get rid of it.


If you are working remotely, everything you are working on will be evolving into bigger and better things.

Someone from your past will be seeking your expertise. The problem is that they don’t expect to pay. If you want to do something from the goodness of your heart, so be it, but they don’t plan on compensating you. You’ll be getting a very unusual business opportunity coming up. The Universe is telling you to take it. See how you feel about it when you cross that path. You may be terminating a relationship, but since it was expected, you will have no regrets.


There is someone at work that doesn’t know what they are doing but is keeping it quiet. It is up to you to figure it out before the problem gets any bigger. This will be a tricky month because it looks like someone is after your position at work. Don’t worry about it. They can only get so far. Your position will still be intact. Everything you will have gone through this month will be revealed over the coming months. The last card is the sun card, so you have played your cards right on a professional level.


This will be a month where you will have no choice but to let go of old things within your profession.

It could be the way you do things or the equipment that you use. Things will be changing. In the long run, all of this will be good for you even if you don’t see it. You are worried about losing money, but these changes will cut corners, so you don’t have to put in more money. There will be someone from your past that will want to romance you. Whether you go there or not will be your decision. Waiting for this person for so long has exhausted you, but the relationship might work.


This month starts with you going through negotiations. Just remember, everything is on your side. You will be going through a new job offer where you will have several interviews, so the process takes time. Despite your exhaustion, your negotiation skills get you what you want. The work may be different, but you will start off being a boss or a VP. These changes will make you more popular in more than one way within your life.


Someone will be corresponding with you for your expertise this month, but they will not know how to stop themselves from harassing you. If it keeps up, you may have no choice but to tell them to put you on payroll or walk away. Someone from your past that you loaned money to will now be able to pay you back. Although you will get the money back, it comes with mixed feelings. The Universe tells me it would be wise for you to move because where you live now is holding you back. The sooner you make this decision, the more you will feel in control of your life.


You feel stuck in your career. It's like a rock in a hard place. Unfortunately, for now, you’ll have to grin and bear it. Before you know it, everything will shake and come tumbling down. Then you will be active again. You will feel relieved but exhausted. If you are with someone romantically, don’t be surprised if you find a Dear John letter and your home half empty. These are part of the changes that you will be making.


This will be a month of celebration. You will be getting a new job or a new position within your company where you gain a new status. Although this means prestige, you will not be getting the pay raise you expected. Be patient, and you’ll be able to negotiate a new salary next month. Your company may ask you to relocate. If you do, it will be a good thing for you, so don’t stress. Although you are going through all these changes, you will not be sure if you made all the right choices until later, but you have made the right changes.


Everything that you hope to gain to get what you want is still happening but postponed. However, this will be a month where you will feel somewhat alone. It will also be a month where you will be able to catch up on things and complete them. By the time everything is accomplished and completed, it will make things flow faster for you, and the things you have been waiting for will begin.


This month will be all about new work opportunities and more money. Just do what you are good at, and everything will follow suit. If you take this new position, realize it will cause you to reorganize your life on a different platform. It is like moving to a new home and making sure all your furniture fits in the right places again. Taking this position is the right choice because it will make you feel more grounded. What I would recommend is that you write your last employer a nice thank you note. On another matter, a close friend of yours may be driving you batty. Sit this person down and have a deep conversation. Sort things out with them, so you are at peace again.


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