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The Prognosis for September 2022

This will be a time of new things happening to several people. Things that will not be comfortable, but in the ending for the better. It will also be a time when the universe will take you into different places, but not without a lot of rewards for you to embrace. It will feel like New Year’s eve with many new things presented but not with any tough bumps or major changes in your personal life. Things should feel right and substantial although there will be some major upgrades in our society.

Light all around you!


(See your astrological sign below:)


This will be one of those months where you'll find out where the missing leak is and where your money has been draining. They tell me it's something new that you recently added to your home surroundings. I recommend to you that this would not be a very good month for you to buy anything that may be expensive. You may live to regret it.


They tell me this would be a good month for you to spend some quality time alone with yourself. It will get you on more of a healthy track both emotionally and physically. If you could take a vacation alone, that would be an added plus. As we go more towards the winter the way your unique mind comes up with ideas, the more you'll be able to make them into a reality.


You’re going to be getting a job offer that you won't exactly like, but it will be one of the best decisions that you'll make in your life. There's a chance you'll be traveling this month and connecting with a new love partner. I feel if you do it, you'll have no regrets. You may hire someone to do home improvement for your home. Postpone it if you can. The person you hire is not a good choice!


A friend or a sibling of yours may be going through a bad time. Your unexpected approach to doing things in life will help carry them through if they listen to you. Two trips are coming up. One is for business, which you'll decide not to go to. And the other one will come up unexpectedly for a fun time, which you so richly deserve.


One of your dreams that you've had in your life but was too apprehensive to approach will suddenly and unexpectedly happen all on its own accord. I think the lesson here for you is that if you pray hard enough for what you want in life, it will come true. They say if you just ease up a bit in your work and be less controlling, you'll start to see the results that you want.


This month will be all about finding an easier approach to doing things with your work, so your work won't feel as burdensome to you anymore. You've been having something that has been ailing you for a while. You will be meeting someone you may know that has to do with the medical field that will help you with your ailment. It’s almost like having a mobile doctor show up at your door without having to leave your home.


You will be finding out certain truths about a situation that took place a while ago with someone you know. At first, you don't do anything about it, because you want to see how it will play out. You play your cards right, and there will be much success for you through it. Nonetheless, you do feel bad for the people involved who were caught in all of the drama.


Because of some accident dealing with a loved one at work, there will be some major financial compensation for it. Your loved one may be forced to quit his current job, but the funds that are collected could go into a business that was once just a dream. It will now be a reality!


You may have no choice but to participate in an event that you are apprehensive about. Make the best of it even though the Ex you'd like to avoid will be there. Don't worry, you'll give an Oscar-winning performance! Look at the bright side, there will be money that will be owed to you from a long time ago that you won't have to share with your Ex.


Sometimes life swings us a curveball. There was a doctor’s appointment that you were supposed to attend but forgot to go to. You were not meant to go in the ending. You will have to confront the challenge of using some mechanical business gadget that you never used before. Don't be afraid to ask someone at work how to use it. Better safe than sorry.


Going into the fall, you will be meeting someone that's like a business partner that will be helping you. You won't understand everything right away, but everything will flow beautifully. There is a chance that someone younger than you will want to start to date you. It looks good. Go for it! There will be some events taking place where your job description may be changing. I don't think you'll be complaining about it in the end!


You'll be asked to take a different position at work that you are very qualified for. You'll act surprised that they offer it to you, but realistically you were wondering when they were going to ask you! You'll be taking a trip to someplace where you don't want to go because you feel it will jeopardize your relationship. It will bring both of you closer together.


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