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New Bright Moon in Sagittarius but Be Careful of the Potholes in the Road

There are times when I wish we could put astrological announcements on the national news so people can better understand what goes on with our behavior when we are influenced by the planets. Over the years I've observed the effects of what the planets can do, but most of the time while we are in their energy we just don't see what's in front of our noses.

To start, the New Moon will be in Sagittarius, trine both Mercury and Venus, which is all good. Jupiter will be going direct in the nick of time to go along with the New Moon, but we will also feel the effects of a fixed negative star called Scheat. What this means, is although Jupiter is readying to go direct, it is still retrograde for a very short time which can cause a lot of havoc at the last minute, like greed, anger, meanness, losing a lot of money by being just plain stupid, and gorging. It can also mean that we can have a very short life if we are not careful. Lastly, there can also be a huge dip in the economy.

So the keywords here are patience, understanding, kindness, thoughtfulness, empathy, and last but not least, health. That way we could all go into the New Moon with the rewards of harmony, good health, and much wealth. So during the transition, it would be wise to meditate, exercise some, and be genuinely nice to your fellow humans and other fine creatures out there.


We should be going into more prosperity, sharing. All good things can happen as long as we know how to manage everything. It could be to negotiate and to manage, but doing so in a constructive way. Everything will come to life that we want but with a little negotiation things can go a long way. There will be certain things that we can't see that are surprises but in a good way so be patient and have understanding. Things will flow but there will be unexpected things happening, but it should be good. So remember to be patient, diplomatic and organized and you won't be disappointed!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! ;-) Mano



November 22, (23), 24

November 23 is the strongest day.



Green, for love and empathy.



Blue, for harmony.



Yellow, for protection.



White, for purity.



Brown, for grounding, money and strength.



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