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New Moon in Aries - Expect

This New Moon will be extremely powerful compared to most because it will happen a few hours after the Equinox in Aries. This is happening because the New Moon is also in Aries making it double the power in Aries. Plus, Aries will be surrounded by six planets (like Jupiter, Ciron, and Mars) at the same time. So, situations can be more aggressive, dynamic, and even more impulsive trigger-happy behavior.

On a good level, this is a time when you can take risks using your intuition and courage to wind up on top of things you want to accomplish and move forward in life in a big way! This is a good time to set a new intention about what you want to manifest. This will also be starting a whole new episode for humanity as we go on in the years to come. In short, this is a time of great change because Pluto will be going into Uranus starting this month, and Aries will be giving it the added punch. (I'll explain more of this in my April blog).

Thank you. Light all around you!

;-) Mano



March 20, (21), 22

March 21 is the strongest day.



Red, for speed and efficiency.



Yellow, for protection and wisdom.



Blue, for clear thought and for keeping calm.



Green for our heart to have clear intentions.



Brown, for grounding and of course money.


Purple or Lilac

Purple or Lilac, for our psychic path.



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