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New Moon in Cancer - Focus on the Positive Feelings in Your Life

Circle of light
Mano's New Moon in Cancer Candle Ritual -

The New Moon will be in Cancer on July 5th, but what is unusual about it is that it’s also sandwiched between two full Moons in Capricorn.  It will also be intermingled with Mercury and Venus and shift into Leo during the first third of the month. So, prepare to deal with and welcome more confidence, along with emotions that deal with your communication skills around passion and dedication. It’s a good time to spend time with loved ones to give them the love and support they need. Also, your intuition will be sharper than usual. Please bring all this positive reinforcement since Saturn went retrograde on June 29th until November 15th. Life will feel like it going slower, but it’s really not. Meditate with more positive light at this time and it will also improve your finances.

"Happy 4th everyone! Light all around you!" ;-)




July 4, (5), & 6

July 5 is the strongest day.






Purple or Lilac





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