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New Moon in Pisces - Patience, Hard work and Struggle

This New Moon in Pisces on February 20th, 2023, will be aligning with Saturn. So, what all this means is with some muscle, stamina, persistence, and good old-fashioned hard work, we will be able to reach our goals and make our dreams a reality. Then we can take a nice rest, wipe the sweat off our brow and take pride in what we’ve accomplished as we say, "I did that myself!" This will also be a happy ending because Venus is sextile with Pluto which brings out the very best of Saturn's good nature. Typically, nobody speaks highly about that bitch of a planet.

Before starting the day, I recommend that we meditate and say some positive affirmations. For example, repeat 3 times,

"The Universe is in Divine Order!"


“I love myself, and I can do it! Thank you Universe!”

Happy New Moon and Light all around you."




February 20, (21)

February 20 is the strongest day.



Red, to light the fire for your passion.



Blue, to keep calm and have patience.



Orange to stay healthy and avoid getting sick.



Brown, for strength and for grounding.


Purple or Lilac

Purple or Lilas, for your psychic ability



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