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New Moon in Scorpio Alongside a Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction

Well, I am happy to announce Mercury is now direct since November 3rd, which is perfect timing before the New Moon. Mars will be direct again after November 13th. What this all means is there will be a lot less tension in the air, and you will have clear communication, so if you are working on a project, you should get through it without a hitch.


November 14th , 15th, and 16th

The strongest day is the 15th.

Since the New Moon will be in Scorpio alongside the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, there is some friction happening between those two planets. Although you have a chance to be accomplished and successful with your projects and your work, with the influence of Pluto, you’ll have to decide if you’re going to do things honorably (the moral way) or try to do something underhandedly. I'm a believer in karma and feel what goes around, comes around. So quite literally, you don't have to screw anyone to get what you want, and you still can achieve and accomplish your goals by doing the right thing.


The date 11/11 is a magical moment for the planet and the people living on the planet. Everyone can transcend from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension, so try not to fight against it. When this transcendence happens you will feel enlightened and have inner peace. You will know exactly what path to travel. I believe people who refuse will be stuck in the 3rd dimension. They will be living in fear, and without peace, and will be more susceptible to disease. The more you transcend the better. You will not only live in more harmony together but you will also have a chance to save the planet. It’s really up to each of you. As this process moves, you’ll also see a dismantling of certain negative powerful regions that have been trying to control this planet. They will eventually disappear and also be stuck in the 3rd dimension. Believe it or not, although we are on one planet we won’t see the 3rd dimension anymore, only the 5th dimension, so be sure to move forward without any fear. May the rest of November be a smoother ride for everyone!

If you don't have any of the following colors, light a white votive candle to stay pure of heart.




Blue, to have a clear conscience and that everything goes smoothly.



Green, to follow your heart.



Yellow, to shine a positive and protective light around you.



Brown, for an abundance of money and wealth.


Much light and love all around you!!! :-* Mano


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