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New Moon in Scorpio with a Solar Eclipse - Expect the Unexpected!

This New Moon in Scorpio will be a very exceptional one to come along in a very, very long time. We will also have a Solar Eclipse in the mix, and the effects of a solar eclipse always last for about six months. This will affect relationships on all levels and includes your work, money, and business. Emotions will be running higher and bubbling more than usual, but in a good way. This is about lots and lots of change for everyone and includes some shocks and surprises. All the change is mostly good but also dependent on what your karma is all about.

We will also be seeing some very permanent changes all around the world. I am reminded of a quote from Bette Davis in the movie "All About Eve." She said, "Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night." With that said, we should all meditate or at least try to put the best of intentions out there for ourselves, our loved ones, and also this world. We should be greatly rewarded in our own unique ways.


My Tarot cards tell me that we will begin this New Moon by not noticing what is happening around us. Then things should be moving in a very positive direction on its own without our doing. Everything will gradually fall into place like we are breathing. Things that don't work for us anymore will be dealt with and should leave us in a peaceful fashion. Even if we have a hard time letting go of old things, the new phase will happen, and we won't miss anything that doesn't work for us anymore.


October 24, (25), 26

October 25 is the strongest day



Green, for love.



Blue, for calmness.


Purple or Lilac

Purple or lilac, to use our psychic energy.



White, for purity of heart and truth.



Brown, for money and grounding.


Light all around you! ;-) Mano


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