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New Moon of Change and Expansion

(Photo by @MattArtz Unsplash)

Mercury is going direct on the 15th of May, so you can light ritual candles for this New Moon cycle. Because of the Lunar Eclipse on the Full Moon, it makes the energy intense. And the second half of May will feel even more intense. But of course, more for better than for worse, but still intense, nonetheless. To begin with, Jupiter will go into Taurus on the 16th, right before the New Moon, and will stay there until the following month. For the most part, this is really very good. Jupiter is all about expansion, so depending on your astrological sign, it can mean more money, prestige, and even more muscle mass if you work out at the gym. But having said that, it also could mean putting on more weight if you're not careful. Just remember, Jupiter represents expansion, no matter what. But generally, what this New Moon is all about is change!!, No matter what. So, try your very best to accept the changes. May is perhaps the most significant month of the year that you will feel the effects of for a very, very long time to come.

Light all around you ;-) Mano



May 18, (19), 20

May 19 is the strongest day.



Pink, for protection.



Yellow, to remain positive.



Blue, to help make the changes easier for you.



Green for our heart to have clear intentions.



Brown, for grounding and money.


Purple or Lilac

Purple or Lilac, for our psychic ability.



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