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New Moon with Solar Eclipse in Libra - Fasten your Seat Belt

(Photo by @JordanKoons Unsplash)

Today, October 14th, is is a very powerful solar eclipse in Libra. It is the second to last eclipse of 2023 that will be upon us all. This solar eclipse will also be sitting close to Mercury and the South Node, plus Aries will be tipping the scales with Libra. This new moon will be volatile and turbulent, not to mention thought-provoking and life-changing. Even though the new moon starts today, you likely felt the effects of it much earlier. Since this is such a powerful new moon, you will feel the effects for about six months or more.

The South Node is also all about destiny and the most basic polarity between "me" vs. "we." This axis has all to do with self and how you project yourself to the world. This creates immense change in your life when Mars-ruled Aries is all about identities and how to assert yourself. Also, we have Venus-ruled Libra in the mix, which has to do with the relationship you commit to. But since you have your own birth chart, you can always dig deeper to see how it affects you individually.

Light and love all around you ;-) Mano



October 14 & 15

October 14 is the strongest day.



Blue, for clarity and to add harmony to change.



Green, to keep our hearts open with change.



Brown, for strength and of course money, that will also be changing!.


Purple and Lilac

Purple or lilac, for our intuition to help guide us.



Pink, to help keep any negativity away.



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