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Pink Humdinger of A Full Moon Oh My!

This will be a super Full Moon known as a pink Full Moon as well. To start with, this will be a real humdinger of a full moon and not for the better. Since we had such a positive New Moon, it will help us get through all the difficulties. Use your intuition, sensitivity, strength, and courage to provide the confidence to look ahead and face the challenges to help get through it all. Remember, if you use this as a learning tool, you should be satisfied with the results.

This Full Moon will be in Scorpio, opposite Uranus, which brings unexpected events and changes for better or for the worse. Also, Saturn will be squaring the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury and mixed in with Uranus, which is never really good. This squaring brings restrictions to overcome and might create depression with much trepidation. It also can make you feel very sleepy.

The good thing that gets you through it all is that Moon is trine, Mars. (Trine = good). This trine will give you the strength and courage to get through anything unexpected.

Another good thing in the mix that will come up will be a fixed star called Khambalia. It can cause heightened emotions, violence, arguments, changes, and fear, but it's also the star that brings up anything that has been kept very secret and private. That means a lot will come out to the public that the authorities everywhere have been trying to silence for a very long time. So, expect eruptions that are not only in a geographical sense.


  • April 25th, (26th), and 27th

  • April 26th is the strongest day



I always recommend a little meditation. I know I say this all the time, but it goes a long way. Visualize a very bright green, blue or white light and trust that it is healing your thoughts, feelings and emotions. If you feel you want protection add yellow. During this squaring, it is a good time to add the affirmation, "The Universe is in Divine Order." Say it 3 times, to help heal.




Blue, for harmony and peace.



Brown, for courage and strength.



Pink, to keep away any negativity.



Red, to help get matters resolved quickly.


Purple and Lilac

Purple or Lilac, for intuition and helping you to say the right things in the times of stress.



Green for strength of heart.


Love and Light all around you always!



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