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Rewards With it's Challenges - New Moon Candle Ritual

This New Moon will have its challenges but also its rewards mixed in. That's because the New Moon will be in Cancer square Jupiter but also with a lucky twist with Venus sextile Jupiter. We also have a fortunate fixed-star called Alhena that can bring us much success, particularly in the arts, science, and spirituality. This New Moon wants us to learn how to balance and not be extreme in our excesses in life. We need to have some humility and be thankful and grateful for our rewards. We should practice showing some restraint. Remember, we don't have to eat the whole gallon of ice cream in one sitting. It's not going to disappear; it will still be there tomorrow. If we organizationally show discipline, we are ahead of the game. This can be a New Moon with many rewards, but not without challenges.

Since the New Moon is in Cancer we can also expect more rain, hurricanes, flooding but hopefully the rain will go into the places that the water is needed.


June 27th, (28th) & 29th, 2022

June 28th is the strongest day



Green, to keep our hearts stronger while we learn.



Blue, for harmony of our inner growth.


Purple or Lilac

Purple or lilac, to help our inner growth through intuition.



Brown, for structure, grounding, and money.


Light all around you! :-* Mano


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