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Total Solar Eclipse will Bring New Brightness in Your Life

Moon with a rainbow around it and an orb
Total Solar Eclipse - Mano Matthews Candle Ritual

Photo by Mano Matthews

On April 8th, 2024, there will be a new moon, but not just any new moon, it's a super new moon with a Total Solar Eclipse in Aries. With the events that will be happening, we will feel the effects of it for the whole year. On an astrological level, it is perhaps one of the biggest moments of the year as well. It’s like a trigger point for all that is to follow in energy. It will be a time of endings and new beginnings. A time of letting go of certain people and bringing in new people. This is a time, where things can come out from out of the blue in very unexpected ways. Also where the Eclipse falls, there will be a lot of changes in those areas. One of the places in its path is Texas, and with Uranus in Aquarius happening at the same time, it will be something to keep attention on throughout the year. (Let’s see what happens during the elections!). On a personal note, if the Solar Eclipse hits our sun or midheaven, it can bring much prominence to our lives! Also if we have any Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn in our charts, we'll feel it more in our life this year. Also, let us not forget that this new moon is in Aries which is ruled by the God of war and aggression. So let us all try to keep the peace and emanate love at this time. But this is also a good time to feel our independence, feel our self-worth, and take charge, like going solo. This is also a time of risk-taking and being brave enough to take a challenge or at least do something different and break a pattern or break up structure! So we should do something we always dreamed of doing and listen to ourselves for a change. Whatever it is to get us there, whether it’s listening to music, meditation, taking long walks alone or even punching a bag at the gym! There’s a way and we can do it. Remember, at this time be thoughtful, be at peace,

and have lots of love in our hearts!

A Special Message from my Tarot Cards

If you do meditate during Solar Eclipse, anything that you need to get through, you will get through smoothly. This will help start new beginnings and to get through any darkness just fine. It's like finding a magic key to open things up. Here is a candle ritual meditation for you to try without burning any candles since Mercury is Retrograde.

New Moon Date

  • April 8, 2024

  • Meditate

  • No candle ritual since Mercury is retrograde

Light all around you!

Mano ;-)


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