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Super Full Moon with Healing Powers of Chariklo

This Full Moon will be in Aquarius on August 1, and the second Super Full Moon this year of the four we will have in total. In the old days, they also called this the Sturgeon Full Moon because that type of fish was abundant, especially during the moon phases in August. When we have a Super Full moon, the moon is closer to us, and we feel the pulling of its energy even more.

Because Aquarius is in the picture, everything will feel heady and more to do with the mind. However, there is an asteroid called Chariklo, which has great healing powers that can help us. So when we put these two elements with with each other, it can help us in more ways than one. Aquarius, with all its heady conduct, will work like a washing machine , removing all the dirt while leaving it clean. That comes in handy since Venus is retrograde and deals with heavy emotions from the past that surface. This is a portal to help you deal with all the heaviness around you and to manage intense life issues from the past.

"Light all around you!" ;-)




July 31, (August 1), & 2

August 1 is the strongest day.



Green, for your heavy heart.



Blue, for mental clarity.


Purple or Lilac

Purple or Lilac, to use your intuition and to see with your eyes close.



Brown, for confidence and to make the right decisions.



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