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Super Moon in Capricorn Lovingly Embracing Jupiter

Whenever we have a super full moon, all it really means is that, at this time, the moon is much closer to the Earth than usual. When this happens, we feel the effects of the full moon even more intensely than usual. Unlike this past new moon, where it felt more negative, this full moon will feel very positive and refreshing. That's because this full moon will trine with Jupiter. This will be the kind of full moon where we'll feel more expressive with our emotions and will communicate them instead of keeping them to ourselves. We will also feel more emotional with our feelings and be able to connect more in a loving and enlighted way. Last but not least, we should have more financial abundance come our way as well. Please don't forget to meditate and emulate what you want in your life because this is a time when things that you want will come to you sooner than later.

"Happy 4th of July! Light all around you!" ;-)




July 2, (3), & 4

July 3rd is the strongest day.



Green, for love.



Blue, for harmony.



Red, for speed.



Brown, for grounding and money.


White, to help knock down any negative walls.



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