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Super New Moon in Virgo

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

This Super New Moon will be in Virgo with a touch of Capricorn. Since Jupiter went Direct on the 13th and Saturn will be going Direct on September 29th, it’s a lot of activity within a short time-frame.


September 16th , 17th, and 18th

The strongest day is the 17th.

Virgo is all about order. Not only will you be looking for order, clarity, and detail in what you see as chaos, but you will also be curious if you can make your life more perfect than it already is. You might even try to put your emotions in order (if there is such a thing).

This is also a time when the universe will provide an opportunity to manifest your dreams into a reality. For those of you that are practicing being conscious, it’s a time when you will be tolerant of life’s flaws with the intention of being mindful of what you can learn. Since Jupiter recently went direct, our finances should be improving, and once Saturn transitions we will see more cover-ups exposed as well. So, if you do have a break-up with a friend at this junction, wish them the best, forgive them, and thank them for being in your life. Keep the door open because we all learn despite the details in the story.

Breathe into what resonates for deeper clarity, and always try to meditate.



Blue for mental clarity.


Purple or lilac

Purple or lilac to manifest your dreams or desires.



Green to keep your heart open and to forgive.



Yellow to stay positive and protected.



Brown for money and to keep yourself grounded.


Much light and love all around you!!! :-* Mano


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