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Turbulent New Moon in Leo Squaring Uranus

The New Moon will be in Leo squaring Uranus. What this means is we will be going through a lot of turbulent changes. As Charles Dickens once said, "It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times." Everything will feel sudden and unexpected influencing health, fortunes, careers, business, and friendships. The thing in this situation is to expect the unexpected and do not be afraid of change! (Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!). Keep a level head, use all of your creativity, imagination, and the best of your idea's to get through this while tapping into brilliant solutions!!! So, before you call your BFF a jackass, stay quiet, go deep within, and listen to what the jackass has to say. You might decide to keep the jackass part of the conversation to yourself.

Don't be surprised if you feel these shifts about a week before the New Moon on August 8th. It could last about four weeks, but I predict we will be rolling through it for at least three months!


August 7th, (8th), and 9th.

The strongest day is the 8th.




Blue, for harmony and clarity.



Brown, to keep your money, and make more money.



Pink, to protect you from evil, and keep negativity away from you.



Purple or Lilac, for your intuition and your psychic abilities.


Green or White, to keep purity of heart.



Yellow, for protection.

Light all around you! :-* Mano

For more information on how to manifest using a candle ritual click here:

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