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  • Mano Matthews


​​This month is all about money. It’s about money being held, released, held again and then released. In short, this world may be going through a small financial crisis, but everything will be fine in the ending. This will be a month where agreements will be made with other nations that might be our nemesis, but these agreements will be very good. There will be companies that will feel threatened by newer companies and will try and stop them from evolving, but it will only be a minor setback. Overall, this will be a pull and tug of power this month, so how we see the world now and how it will evolve as time passes. February is like the key being put into the ignition to make everything start. In short, we will be able to breathe better. It’s an 11/2 year, so a year of agreements, where contracts are signed.



​This will be a month where you will feel trapped with your work. You will feel it’s extremely demanding and you can’t get out and breathe. I suggest you handle everything on a diplomatic level and you’ll get through. Having said that, you may get a job offer you have been looking for and it should fit like a glove. You won’t have to move very far if you want to accept this offer. There is a chance you’ll meet a new friend for life, but when you meet you may have huge disagreement. In fact, you may feel you never want to see them again, but it will be a huge friendship for life.



​Although you feel the last few months have been hard on you, things will lighten up for you shortly. You still feel you need some recovery time. You will meet two different people this month. One will be a very good friend, and one you will have a very long loving relationship with as in “soulmate.” When you meet these two people you won’t be sure which is which, so I suggest that you ask the universe for a sign to see which one you will be destined to be with. My feeling is that you’ll know because you will feel like they are part of your family.



Although this month will be short for you, it will be a month of possibilities and options to choose from. For those of you that have an independent streak as far as your career, you will bring in new projects and they will be happening for you. For those who work 9 to 5 you may get a new pay raise or a new promotion. Last but not least, for some miraculous reason you will be reconciling with an “Ex” of yours. It doesn’t mean you’ll get back together as lovers, but it means you’ll have an understanding in friendship. In short, you will cease to be calling your “Ex” a 4 letter word.



​Although you’ve been making alterations with your career, it will be a good thing for you. You will eventually be doing a form of work that comes naturally to you like breathing, and fits you very comfortably. Also, I’m not sure how many Cancers will get this, but for some you’ll be coming into a lot of money very fast and there won’t be a reason for it or you might not understand why. It’s a lot of money, but it happens in an unknown way. There is a very good chance that you may move this month, but not too far from where you are currently living.



​Although you haven’t been keeping your books in order, as you should on a business level, for some reason you won’t have to worry. Also, on a business level the decision that you have made to go in to a new venture will actually work for you. Anyone that has been a negative influence on you at work will be coming to a close and won’t bother you anymore. In short, anyone that has been a negative influence on you or wishes you harm, that relationship will be coming to a close.



If you’ve been having financial problems over the last six months or so, it will be coming to a close. You will be feeling financial relief in February! There is a project that you are neglecting or organizing that will now come to completion. It still needs your knowledge on how to get the engine going. There is a relationship that you value and want; it will start to accelerate to where you want it after you are done with the aforementioned project. Again, the relationship will only accelerate once you complete the project for your work.



​Are you having more than one relationship at the same time? There is a part of you that wants to get rid of one, but neither partner wants to let go. If you are not careful you might kill yourself with pleasure! What I suggest is try to keep one relationship and let go of the other. Also, you have a friend that you’ve had a breakup with a long time ago and there is a chance of reconciliation. Just remember you have to apologize. There will be another company that will want to steal you from your currently job. Don’t switch jobs. It won’t be worth it.



This will be a month of misunderstandings with your partner. Don’t be short with them, but try and see their point of view before you get upset. This will help you understand better. For some of you, the misunderstandings or arguments may be so great that you might feel you need a divorce or separation. Surprisingly speaking, you’ll get through it. Whatever you’ve been researching, investigating and keeping notes on, you can now expose whatever findings you have. When you do this, people will be surprised or astonished with what you have uncovered. They will eventually be convinced.



​There will be someone that you will be working with that you can’t stand. It will be a catalyst for you; a means to an end to get where you want to be. So tolerate it and put up with them. Through it all it will help make your work easier, more flexible and you’ll have someone new that will watch your back.



This will be the beginning of the ending. Meaning you will be making huge changes on how you perceive or see your work, but it will be a good thing for you. Also, money you have been expecting in an unorthodox way will be coming to you, but not as fast as you’d like. It may give you a small headache, but don’t worry it will be coming. You’ve become a master of your academic achievements, so you will now reap the rewards.


​For those who feel you want to travel this month, I’d suggest to stay where you are. The best decision you can make this month is to stay as is. You will feel your work isn’t as active as you’d like it, but will still flow nicely. So if you feel a financial pinch this month, it will go fast. You will be meeting someone that is younger than you and gives you a small headache, but in the process a very beautiful relationship will evolve from it.



​Although you feel winters are all about doom and gloom, to your surprise this is an exciting winter filled with a lot of fun, exciting activities. You may actually find a hobby or activity that will last you for the rest of your life. There is mother figure that has been worried about you. Put her mind at ease that all is well with you, so she won’t be overly concerned about you. There is someone “else” that will want to have a relationship with you, but don’t go there!

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