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  • Mano Matthews

Full Moon March 2018

This will be one of those full moons where you'll have almost no choice but to clean up your act. Whether you’re mean hearted, have very selfish motives, or even if your prone to lying, it's all going to catch up to you and stare you right in the face. There's no escaping it. This will not be a good time for the likes of The National Enquire!

This is a good time to consult your doctors from your General Practitioner to your Psychologist or even consulting a Nutritionist or Acupuncturist. In general, it’s a fantastic time to detoxify the body and soul!!!

Since this will be a good time to go through some form of purifying or detoxing, it’s a great time to go on a diet of any sort; another great way of getting the toxins out of your system. If you want a simple way to make a change without doing anything drastic try starting your day by drinking two glasses of water with fresh squeezed lemon. If you want to go one step further, try adding a pinch of Cayenne pepper with a teaspoon of pure maple syrup to that. That will definitely do the job. Drinking that for a minimum of one week to one full month would be recommended. Most importantly, just listen to your body because it will tell you what you really need. Steak and potatoes every day for a month will not do the trick!!!!!

This full moon will give you no choice but to prioritize things in your life. Meaning things that you really need or need to get done, versus the things you want. If you focus on needs first, wants will actually follow. You can't pull the cart before the horse. This will also be a good time to use your intuition to see on how you could improve your relationships by removing what doesn't work and adding things that do work to make your relationships healthier. This is also a good time to fine tune or complete things on an emotional level.

Worldwide we will see even more fluctuation of our currency and our stock market. There may be a toppling of Heads of State: Political, Religious and Regal. (And I'm trying to say this as nice as possible.) Overall, this is a very good time to meditate and stay in the light more than usual. This Full Moon will trigger fear, misunderstandings, deception and addictions (that can run high, so just cool it)! See a movie or take a nice walk in the park or beach, relax, and realize you can be a wonderful, positive full force of nature.


  • February 28TH, March 1ST, March 2ND

  • The Strongest Day is March 1st



Purple or Lilac, to fine tune our psychic ability


Blue, to help keep calm and stay organized


Green, to keep that heart of yours strong


Brown, to keep grounded and for attracting money


Yellow, for protection


White, for purity

"Light all around you!"


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