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Super New Moon in Taurus - A Pocket Full of Miracles

Man standing in the clouds - on the road to enlightenment
Mano's Super New Moon Candle Ritual -

It’s refreshing that we’re moving out of Mercury in retrograde from last month, as well as last month’s full moon in Scorpio, which was a real humdinger of a time and then with the shadow on top of that?  Like WTF!  

Now we’ll be entering something, shall we say, more enlightening. New moons are usually about recharging our batteries and realigning with meditative reflection.  

This will be a very powerful new moon because Uranus will be in Taurus, not to mention the sun, Jupiter and Venus will be joining in. (Meaning receiving a great bonus of goodies coming our way.) It will be a perfect time to meditate and manifest and put our intentions out there with a passion. It's a time to tap into the depths of our inner being, and to connect with our inner desires. The possibilities can be limitless. So, be confident and use your God given psychic abilities to help you with it. This is one that will play out through months and maybe even years because Saturn is also in the mix, giving us the time and space to see everything more clearly. It gives us the time and strength for maneuvering everything we want in the right place. But the reason why this is all happening is because of the tough April we endured. We can reflect on the challenges we individually had to pull through!  Amen!!

"Light all around you!" ;-)




May 6, (7), & 8

May 7 is the strongest day.



A field of yellow flowers
Yellow for enlightenment - Mano's Candle Ritual

Yellow, for enlightenment.



Blue swirls in liquid - discover inner bliss and harmony
Blue for Bliss - Mano's Candle Ritual

Blue, for bliss and harmony.


Purple or Lilac

Purple and lilac flowers
Purple or Lilac for higher self - Mano's Candle Ritual

Purple or Lilac, for higher self.



A brown cave where treasures might be hidden
Brown for grounding and money - Mano's Candle Ritual

Brown, for grounding and money.



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