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Mano's Psychic Predictions - Astro Tarot May 2024

The Predictions for May 2024

As we slowly pull out of the grasp of Mercury in Retrograde it will be as if we will be coming out of a deep sleep, and we will feel activity we haven’t felt for three weeks. Although for some of us, it feels like a lifetime. And with the new so-called activity humming around, so will the feeling of a lot of change be around us too. Even our business and finances will feel unblocked and thriving! We will also be more aware of what needs to be renovated, repaired, and even healed. The cards say there may be new medical discoveries announced at this time too. And whatever good things that were supposed to happen to certain individuals and groups will now start to happen! Also, new partnerships can now materialize for love, friendships, and even business partnerships. Lastly, you’ll see new inventions take the place of old ones. Maybe even see the beginning of flying cars let’s say! But no one will have any objection if you still want to keep your Model-T around! 

Light all around you ;-)!


(See your astrological sign below:)


There will be things from your past that you’ll have to relearn again but this time in an upgraded version. For some reason what you learn will also make your work feel easier for you! You may have a chronic ailment that doesn’t go away, so go see your primary doctor. Your May schedule will feel very tight, but you’ll be able to accomplish everything!!


This sounds like a month with some major changes happening to you at work, which should be very positive for you. Or, it could mean that you find your dream job! Maybe it’s because it’s your birthday month. This will be a month where you’ll feel newfound freedoms in your life that you’ve never felt before. Anything that you’ve worked so hard on in the past, you’ll be rewarded for it now! Big month! Right?!!


You’ll be given more than one job opportunity soon. Choose the one that you are most experienced in because it will still come with challenges that you’ll have to overcome. But of course, everything should fall into place for you! 


You’ll be going through an experience that is almost over, but as you go through it, don’t let them see you sweat. Just play it real cool and you’ll get what you want sooner!! This will also be a month where you’ll really have to use your instincts to get through a situation that you’ve never gone through before, but you’ll get through it as if you've done it a million times! Plus, you should feel very proud of yourself with your work. It will take you to the next level in your career. 


Although your birthday month is August, they tell me the month of May for you is not so bad. This month should go very smoothly for you. So don’t hesitate to be more straightforward for yourself this month. Even your most difficult projects will surprise you with how they turn out. You should also have some work projects abroad. Of course that could mean virtual as well. 


This will be a month where you still may have to put out some unexpected fires with some loved ones that you thought you already took care of. My recommendation is to be calm, cool, and collected. Having mentioned that there will be someone that may go MIA on you. But you should get some answers about it by the end of the month. 


This will be a month when the door that was once closed for you will now be open. Having said that, just don’t sit there. Do something! Last but not least, you’ve had your eye on something pretty expensive. You can now purchase it at a price that will make you grin from ear to ear!


You got yourself caught in certain situations you could not resolve. Give it time and everything will smooth out! A loved one will unexpectedly need your help. Be strong for them. Although you feel you resolved everything in your last break up or marriage, there was something that was still left unchecked. 


You still have some unresolved issues with an ex, which you are not in the mood to deal with.  Do it, because this meeting should save you a lot of money. For some reason, this action will help smooth out and change your karma for quite some time to come. 


The cards say that you are the only one that stands in the way of your success and you can resolve it all on your own. Having said that, you will be traveling shortly, so make sure you are prepared for a joyous excursion. Last but not least, you’ve done well with your long-term investments!


The Sun will always shine on you where your work is concerned no matter how stressful it seems! You will have some tough issues to get through this month, but it’s nothing your wisdom can’t handle. Just remember to keep cool. Whatever deals you’ve made in the past, they will quickly and unexpectedly be completed. 


There is someone who adores you and who will help you live your life more comfortably. You have some unresolved issues that you should take care of (and you can) before they exhaust you too much. Last but not least, you have a work trip that you need to take. Make sure you take other things that interest you to get through the time faster. 


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