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  • Mano Matthews


The bubble might burst if things are not properly regulated.

On a global level, commerce will escalate this month. Even on a personal level, finances should be good all around. This might be too good to be true so put money away for a rainy day. Although things will be good now and for a while, chances are as we venture into the fall, the bubble might burst if things are not properly regulated. What monies you make put them in sound investments. Although the economy will be doing well, there are still things that the government is hiding that by the end of the month will be revealed. Starting in July there will be new inventions and ideas that will be coming out on a global level that everyone worldwide will benefit from. This could mean anything in telecommunications or even on a financial level that has to do with money.





This will be a good month to go over old things and avoid trying anything new because chances are things won’t work out. Also, on a health level, whatever you are doing with your diet keep doing it. Regardless of whether you are trying to lose weight or just stay healthy it is working for you. If you are trying to buy a new car or anything to do with mechanics; wait! You won’t get the deal you want. Go by the philosophy “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and you’ll be very happy in the ending.


This is a month where you will be financially successful. It will also be a good month for a job proposal. What this means is you can do very well within the company you are currently employed with, but you might get a business proposition with another company or within the same company. I would suggest you take this new opportunity into consideration because it would be worth your while. If you have any troubles with a new relationship try to work it out. Chances are this relationship will work for you, so do what you can. When it comes to your health be sure to use your intuition. For example, if you go to a party or gathering at a business function be cautious about what you eat because you could get food poisoning.



This month your superiors may try to talk to you about doing extracurricular work for them. Be careful if you take the offer because they are not telling you everything involved with it. Before you say yes, do your research or try to see what they are hiding, so you can do a job well done. This would also be a good time to further your education within your profession based on your specialty. Chances are the knowledge you learn will help you get through any future crisis within your profession. On the lighter side, you will be given a very good business opportunity which may even be with stocks and offered by someone you trust. I would take this proposition up if you have extra money to invest because you will see its rewards in the future.



This month you’ll be getting two business propositions coming your way. As optimistic as you feel about this it gives you a certain amount of tension as to which to choose. Both have their advantages so choose wisely. On the other hand you are also excellent in an activity, and in the future you could make it into a profession if you like. (Whatever you are an expert at you can do it.) Right now all the elements are not ready, but it is getting there. If you are deciding to make a move on any level this is not a good time for it. Where you live right now works for you, so stay where you are. If you are not thoroughly happy just make some renovations, and it will be just right for you.



Right now you feel very burdened with all your professional obligations. See if your company could get you an assistant to help you with your workload, since it will eventually happen anyway. This would be a good month to make the financial investments you want to make in stocks, real estate, etc. You will make money doing nothing because the investments presented to you will be excellent. Your better half will want to take a vacation, however you feel you may not have the time and patience for one. Promise you’ll set time aside this summer to have a good time with them.



Although you have had some worries and doubts with your work, things will fall into place. You will also find a way to make your job feel easier than before. Someone will try to talk you into having a partnership with them. It’s in the discussion phase right now, but the partnership isn’t a bad idea, so put it into deep consideration. You feel you have been making sacrifices in your profession, but it should pay off in the ending. Also, intense negotiations will pay off!



As far as your work is considered it has a double edge sword. You might get fired from your employer or laid off. Don’t worry about it because there is another company that will snatch you up quickly, and you won’t have to do anything. The irony is this is a company that you have always dreamed of working for anyway. You will be stunned and surprised how everything will twist and change and turn in your life. You will be quite successful in your new company even though you might not start in the position you want. It doesn’t matter because there is room to get where you want to go!



Whatever past contracts or obligations you’ve had, you will now be released from them and feel freer. You will take advantage of this new found freedom and start something new in your life that you’ve always wanted to do. Most people will be surprised that you will be taking up this new activity because it seems so different from who you are. If you had a quiet winter just expect the unexpected because this summer will be filled with more activity than you can manage.



Whatever negotiations or hard deals you’ve been working on, your struggle will pay off. This will be a month where you’ll be meeting a soulmate you’ve waited a long time to meet. You won’t realize it right away. As a matter of fact you might keep this relationship quiet for a while. Just remember that when you meet a soulmate it doesn’t always mean you will have a love relationship, and it can mean other forms of relationships as well. Take a deep breath and stay in one place for a while. In other words don’t go bouncing around everywhere. Chances are if you allow yourself to relax or stay in your geographical location, you’ll get much clarity for future ideas in your life.



Whatever physical aches and pains you’ve been experiencing, I’d suggest you do some research or go see a doctor and you’ll get a remedy that will work for you. These pains have been ailing you since winter, so I suggest you take care of it. There is someone in your life that has totally different philosophies than you. Humor this friend and pretend you agree. All this person wants is a “yes man,” and to be heard, so give them that luxury. You will be seeing someone who is the complete opposite to you, but in this case opposites attract. You will definitely have a wonderful time with the pleasure of their company.



Although you are not used to change, this month you will be going through unexpected subtle changes. Don’t worry! They are meant to happen for a good reason. There is a chance you will start to do something new with your work. You are troubled, and may be depressed about it, but again don’t worry! You will master whatever new thing that you will add to your work. There will be someone who will be helping you with your profession. At first, you do have your trepidation with it. In the long run they will be a total beneficial advantage toward your career for the next step in your life.



For the beginning of July you may be going someplace where you feel out of control. It could be language, traditions or even weather. For example, you’ll be able to balance everything even if one speaks Greek and while you speak English. You’ll also be dealing with some kind of annoyance. It could be allergies or (dare I say) bed bugs and you’ll be able to get rid of them very fast. Your partner will want to make a serious commitment with you. It may be a gold ring or moving in with you or something else. Nonetheless, it’s a serious commitment with you and you should go with it!


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