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  • Mano Matthews


This should be a life-changing time for many. It means breaking free of any restraints you have ever felt while also becoming who you feel you really are.

Unfortunately, Mercury went into retrograde July 25th and will be retrograde until August 19th. Although I usually say that you should not light candles when Mercury is retrograde because it makes things go in the opposite direction, since this is a big fat rare blood moon, this is the exception!

For some reason the energy for this for this full moon is so dense it actually makes people feel energetic, playful and trusting. The results work very fast at the moment and balance everything on a mystical level. This is a result of how all the planets are affecting the moon. So, this big fat rare Blood Moon changes everything this time.

The Big Fat Blood Full Moon is on the 27th of July and will be quite a spectacular viewing for those who live in certain parts of the world. It will be one of those rare Blood Moons which we don't see too often. (The last one was around two years ago.) It will be one of longest total lunar eclipses lasting approximately one hour and 43 minutes.

While this Full Moon will be in Aquarius, we will also feel a pulling from Capricorn and feel the biting sting of Mars. Then we add Saturn and Uranus to the mix, and it makes any telenovela look very tame.

Let me start on the positive side first. This should be a life-changing time for many. It means breaking free of any restraints you have ever felt while also becoming who you feel you really are. It is a time when all your creativity comes out as well as everything you have ever invented about yourself both personally and globally. In other words, everything comes to a boil. Whatever gifts you have will come to fruition. It could also be a transformative time both personally (from being humble to being very outgoing) as well as financially.

On the negative side, this Full Moon will affect our deepest emotional core from within. We can become very impulsive and lash out in great anger and also become verbally abusive, if not physically. Most of this rage will come from past experiences we have not dealt with yet, but we will now have the chance to deal with it, clean it out of our system and start brand new again. Saturn should help us keep it in check, try to keep us patient and give us a calming effect. We should feel all this in the first three days of the full moon. But the whole experience lasts for two weeks.

What I recommend for you to do is to meditate, do something in sports or even be very supportive of a loved one. You might also have a house cleaning marathon as well. The main issue is to keep calm, patient and loving. This would also be a good time for hot passionate sex (hence telenovela). Above all, please keep in a loving mood, and don't do anything that you'll regret later on.


  • July 26th, (27th) and 28th

  • The Strongest Day is the 27TH



Light a Blue Candle

Blue, to help keep you calm.


Light a Brown Candle

Brown, to help keep you grounded.


Light a Green Candle

Green to keep your heart Chakra open.


Light a Red Candle

Red, to help keep your creative juices flowing.

Purple or Lilac

Light a Purple or Lilac Candle

Purple or Lilac, for your intuition.

"Happy Big Fat Rare Blood Moon! Light all

around you! ;-)"


For the link the the candle ritual:

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