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  • Mano Matthews


This will be a month where you will feel as if things are out of control and you can't do anything about it!

Because of what is happening in our culture and in our government, this will be a month where you will feel as if things are out of control and you can't do anything about it. In reality, you're witnessing a lot of change that is happening right before your eyes in our world events with the government. What I am saying is that this process will be more evident starting in August, but you will also see more changes as the month's pass. Although you can't see it yet, this will be better rather than worse. There are a lot of behind the scenes in the government that will be happening that we will see later on. There is also a very good chance that Brexit will be reversed.

This will be a month of more spiritual involvement for many people, so if you feel depressed just realize that you will be going through a spiritual upgrade.

Also, whatever major contract that has been made will be meant to be broken (for the positive). For example, if a major company purchases another major company, the deal might just fall apart, but for the highest good of all involved. And the market might take a dip, but for now, it's nothing to panic about.





This will be the start of the beginning of the ending of certain things in your life. For example you may begin to let go of your old profession and start a new profession. This is not a bad thing; it's a very good thing. You will start new things in your life, so accept it with open arms. As you go through these changes don't worry about it. The Universe will be patient with you so you can get through the process easily. There will be someone in your life that you're close to who is going through a crisis. There is not much you can do about it, so just send them a lot of positive energy so they can get through it. That's the best thing you can do so don't feel guilty.



On a work level, there is a chance for a job change or a promotion within your current company. It's not going to happen right away which will be a blessing for you. Don't push the change. Just let it happen on its own accord. It will make life smoother for you. Also, don't be too surprised if you see certain people "let go" at work. It will not affect you, in fact, it will enhance you. Don't be too surprised if your own boss gets fired. They'll just give you someone new to work for. If they give you vacation time, don't worry about it. It isn't any sign that they are going to let you go. There is a very good chance that someone will be interested in you on a romantic level. It is up to you on how you respond. Anyone new that comes into your life this month will definitely be a past life connection.



Whatever life's goals you have set for yourself will be postponed. Don't get discouraged, they will still happen. That just means that all the pieces of the puzzles for it to happen are not set in place yet. As this is happening, new opportunities will be happening along the way to help you get there. New people that you meet will help open up the doors. On the positive side, you will have already done all the hard work and the offers start popping up for you. As an example; lets say you studied all the music and all the lines for The Sound of Music. Therefore when you go for the audition and get the part, you are ready to go and a step ahead of everyone else. Just remember when all these changes happen, this is what you wanted, so don't be afraid. Just let it happen.



You will be getting a new job opportunity of sorts, but this job opportunity is not exactly different from a job that you once had. Whatever training that you've had in the past you will be able to apply it to this new job. This is exactly what you have been looking for. For some reason you feel it is too good to be true, but it is true! Believe it or not, what these changes present will make you even healthier physically since the physical body is affected by the emotions. The bright side is that everything will be happening where you are on a geographical level, so you won't have to pick up and move. Plus, you'll be very successful!



You will be having some strife at work with a colleague of yours, but for some reason it will blow over. You either make peace with each other or they will be let go. On top of that you'll be dealing with another colleague or partner where everything is going too smoothly for words. I would recommend that you double check everything to make sure that they are not being deceptive. One of the issues at hand is that they are taking out more money for themselves and not balancing with you. When you do your investigation, you will get what is rightfully owed to you. Plus, you will know someone outside of your company that will help you in a very big way without anyone knowing it. This will help you accomplish things within your company in a big way, so I'd suggest you keep it secret.



Although on a work level you feel stuck as if nothing is happening, you will be given an opportunity to travel with your work which will be very advantageous for you. This will bring in new clients with new opportunities to build yourself up. With these new resources, it will provide the proper finances to pay for the software that is needed to build your business for the future. Since Virgos do not like change, I recommend that you accept the new change that comes with it. You will not regret it.



You always feel that whatever you say is very witty or funny. I would recommend that this month you will keep your humor to yourself because chances are it will get you fired. The irony is that if you do get fired, you'll get a new job that you really like. It won't happen right away, but not long enough to get worried. Also, someone from your past who is older will make contact with you. If you're free and single this person will want to have a love relationship with you which can be very very promising. I would like to think that you are single and ready. If not, good luck. You will realize that the job assignment that you feel you missed out on, you were fortunate not to take it! It would have led you in the wrong direction.



There will be a lot of unexpected things happening around you that won't make any sense at all. In fact, you will feel like there is a lot of deception happening around you. Don't question it. Just realize the Universe is putting things into place for you, and even though you don't understand why it will be made apparent to you shortly. Don't be uncomfortable about it. What this will do is to keep you up to date with what you need to upgrade in your life for things to continue to run smoothly for you.



I'm sorry to tell you this, but whatever love life you have been having, there is a good chance it will be coming to an end. For some reason, you will be breathing a sigh of relief. There is a part of you that really wants to be single. The irony of this situation is that dissolving your current relationship will help alleviate certain issues with an ex from the past. Also, you'll be experiencing people around you who want to combat you. The less you say to them the better it serves you. It's better to listen rather than say anything. If you follow this advice, it will save you a lot of money financially. In other words, the less said, the more ammunition you give yourself.



One of the advantages of being a Capricorn is you save money for a rainy day. Well, this is going to be the month where you are going to use that money and luckily you have it! This will also be a month where you'll have too many leisure invitations coming your way. I would recommend that you use your wisdom on which ones you accept. Also, if anyone asks for help, turn it down. You might build up resentment toward them if you add it to your schedule.



This will be a month of a lot of unexpected, but favorable changes. Having said that, this will also be a month that you should keep traveling to a minimum. If you must travel, use your intuition to guide you. Also, you will get a great job opportunity that might not pay well, but you will see great rewards from it in the future. (So don't have any resentment if you do not get your full price for it initially.) At this time Mercury will be retrograde until the middle of this month. Your God Given intuition may be compromised, but don't worry! You'll be able to balance everything.



You always seem used to doing everything on your own. It is not going to hurt you if someone wants to help you out with your projects. In fact, it will help you finish your projects faster. Also, it will save you lot's of money. During the month of August, try to have fun with your leisure time because you always feel if you don't have something to do it is wasted time. Try to relax and also enjoy your fun time. For those of you who are having a relationship now, don't be afraid to show your other half the emotions you have for them. They are not going to run away. There is also a chance you may feel pressured to move in together. Don't be afraid to be upfront about how you want the living situation to be. That will help you resolve a lot of problems if you decide to move in.


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