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This summer will be one hell of a rollercoaster ride whether you like it or not. It reminds me of that old saying, “you can run but you can’t hide!”

This summer will be one hell of a rollercoaster ride whether you like it or not. It reminds me of that old saying, “you can run but you can’t hide!”

Starting in July, there will be five planets in retrograde including the one and only “Mercury.” Just remember, it is not what happens to you, it is how you handle everything that happens to you. Until September, use your intuition, maturity, experience, and patience. This is definitely no time to have the fear factor nor is it ever a good time to have the fear factor in your life. I always recommend that regardless of what you are going through that you have confidence and that you are content with your life. Never have your ego in your heart because it will always bring you down. Please have the wisdom to ask yourself what you need to learn and have the understanding with it. When you have fear, anger or rage, it is not going to get you anywhere. Try to forgive and let go and the more you do that, the sooner better things will happen to you.

Because of all of these retrogrades, the learning process could not be stronger. The one positive thing about having Saturn in retrograde is it allows you to see outside of the box. It gives you other alternatives to see and do things better. Use it!! I’m a very strong believer in miracles and magic. We all have it. And we can all use it to the best of our abilities including saving this world from all of the nut case leaders we have on this planet.

Since this summer will be like a rollercoaster ride, let’s get some enjoyment out of it while we are on it!





If you are planning a trip, the plans will be postponed for another time when you feel more organized with your personal life and centered on traveling. The summer should go unexpectedly very smoothly for you even if it doesn’t feel like it. Since Saturn and Jupiter are in retrograde things are postponed, but for you at this point in your life that is a good thing. If you want to try anything new on a business level make sure everything is contractual and done well. Otherwise, things will be postponed on that level as well. Although Mercury will be retrograde, things will go more smoothly for you than most astrological signs.



Because of your innate organizational skills and establishing what you feel you can organize, you do stand to receive a lot of money in the near future. It could be an investment or even getting money back from the government for your tax returns. If you have any social occasions coming up, I suggest you go even if you don’t want to. There will be some very good business opportunities for you with the people that you meet. If you make these connections, it will take a lot of worry off of you for future business endeavors.



Whatever has been bothering you on an emotional or health level, things should be clearing up for you. It feels like you will be instantly cured. If you are not working right now you should get an unexpected job offer. I suggest you take it even if you are reluctant. If you take this business opportunity it will put you on another level. Because Mercury is Retrograde, just be careful to read the contract thoroughly before you sign because I do get that there may be deception around it.



In a strange and unexpected way, this should be a very successful month for you on more than one level. It is because certain past activities have guided you to this, although you may feel unaware of the catalyst right now. Having said that, there is someone that should give you a very nice business proposition but things are still postponed with it. I would encourage you not to get discouraged with it. This will also be a time in your life where the fear factor will be dissipating because you will gain confidence and contentment in your being. Because of this positive change and new found confidence you will look years younger than you are.



Coming up you’ll have an excellent job opportunity that you can do very well. Because you are “green behind the ears,” I would recommend that you do your homework before you pursue this field. If you have been having a relationship crisis, things will be ironed out where you won’t feel you need to separate or divorce. On the positive side, you’ll know how to handle this relationship going into the future. On a sexual level, regardless of whether you are married or single, you can have a really good time, but whatever you do, don’t fish off the company pier!



You have a secret admirer around you that would like to have a love relationship with you. It should eventually come to the surface. For reasons unbeknownst to me, you may not accept this offer. You’ll be going through a period of much popularity within your career. Since your focus is more on your work than anything else, that might be why you choose not to move forward with the relationship.



Although things don’t always look as they seem, right now you are not enjoying the environment in your workplace. Now would not be a good time to show your displeasure to your employer. Just let it ride. Don’t take a vacation this summer. Skip it, since you don’t have the finances to travel. Be straight forward and honest with the person you are in a relationship with. If you don’t, your relationship will suffer the consequences. The right thing to do is, to be honest.



You may be going through a huge crisis with a very personal relationship. Watch what you say so you have no regrets later. It doesn’t look like your relationship is going to fall apart, but it will sure feel like it. Right now there is so much going on in your life that you may lose certain interpretations, so be cautious. By the ending of July (or the summer), your relationship will remain intact.



You have been going through hell with someone who has affected you both professionally as well as personally. Because of this, you’re not able to see as clearly as you could. Meditate and get yourself focused so you don’t fall off the rope. If you don’t believe in meditation, then seek council even if it’s a close friend or a professional. If you do so because of your own wit and ideas you can get yourself out of the rabbit hole.



Whatever you are trying to accomplish on a business, legal or health level, you’ll get through it just fine. With your business, social or romantic partners; you’ll do your best to make sure you have the strength to make the situations positive. It doesn’t mean you don’t have your work cut out for you, but you’ll do just fine. Someone will help you resolve the issues you need to resolve to get through this. The keynote on all of this is to remain focused. Don’t lose your focus!



Although the cards look very good for you, the positive things that happen may skip a month. So, things will be postponed from July to August. There will be more than one person that will want to have a relationship with you or to be neutral, have at least a good friendship with you. Things will be postponed until Mercury goes direct after July 31st. You will have someone in your life that will help put everything together for you, however unusual the process may be. In other words, they will take a unique or different route. Because of this, whatever burden you may be feeling in the workplace will be avoided. During the month of July, you may spend most of the time in a different location than where you live.



A friend of yours may offer to take you on a trip to a commune or sanctuary of sorts for meditation, spiritual and health reasons. It would be very good for you, so I encourage you to go. If you do this it will shed more light on your life on a personal level as well as on a career level. Come August, everything will balance and integrate just the way you dreamed. (I’m a strong believer in meditation and prayer and how the thoughts you put out you get back just as you have imagined them.) You will help integrate the old with the new in your life. There will be someone in your life that will want to make a commitment with you. If this happens, you may postpone it until the fall or winter.

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