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  • Mano Matthews


You are not meant to see everything that is supposed to be resolved because that is how the universe works sometimes.

On a national level, there is a very good chance that somebody from high up will be falling from grace. But like Marie Antoinette, this individual will not take it seriously because their ego is too big to think that they could lose their head.

This will also be a month of takeovers and acquisitions of certain major companies. Because of what is happening this month, well see a fluctuation in the economy like a roller coaster. There is a very good chance that we’ll see a fall in the stock market, but it will go back up just as fast.

Although everyone will be stressed with the economy this month, the economy will hold strong. Most people will be making major changes in their professions. Think twice if you decide to leave your current job. It may not be the best idea!

On a personal level, this will be a very busy month. Even though you don’t get everything you want to get accomplished, it won’t be so bad. Everything will be alright. Realize, the way you do things in your own weird quirky way, even if it doesn’t look right, you’ll still end up on top. It is like saying you may not end up wearing the outfit you want to that party, but you’ll still be turning heads!

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There is a chance that you’ll be at odds with your significant other. It would be wise if you both have time apart for a while. If that is what you desire you may just get your wish. There are still certain responsibilities you have been avoiding that you still have to do. Find a new way or a new type of system to look after things so it will be easier for you to accomplish. It seems like you will get a new job offer or discover a new path in your work life this month. Act on it despite your reservations.



Although you feel troubled with your recent past, believe it or not, everything is going according to plan for you even if you can’t quite see it yet. There is a chance that you will be starting a new job or a new position where you currently work. It will be very successful because of all your education from the college of hard knocks. There is a chance that you may be traveling for your work. Be as prepared as possible and be warned that you may be meeting a past nemesis on your work trip.



You feel you have the desire to escape some work trouble. Realistically, you have no choice but to face the music and suffer the consequences. Realize you can run as much as you want but you can’t hide. Whatever trouble that you are in I’d recommend that you bow out gracefully if you can. That way, you’ll realize who your true friends are and who (like in Shakespeare's Othello), who the Iago’s are in your life are.



One of the most valuable lessons in life is to always follow your heart. Having said that, although you feel frustrated with your work because everything is taking too long, you will get exactly what you want with your work. If you are having a disagreement with someone close to you it would be wise to let it go and leave it alone. Right now is not the time and place for anything to be brought up with this person. There will be a man of mystery coming back into your life where he will help present to you certain answers that you feel you need.



There is a very good chance that you’ll be getting a very good job offer but in an entirely different place. Look into it because there are not any chances of going further up the latter in the job you are in now or there are untrustworthy people around you. Also, you’ll be meeting someone new in your life that will be giving you a financial offer. It is not exactly what you are expecting, but you can get what you want if you persist. I would recommend that you take the advice of someone you are very close to. It may be a spouse or a partner and right now they have all the right answers for you.



October will be one of those months where things will happen very fast in your work. Be sure to plan ahead so you'll stay on top of it. Realize the money will be good. Despite all your insecurities and fears for the future, everything will turn out just fine for you just as you would like it. There is someone on a work level that is trying to hide things from you. Towards the ending of the year, you’ll find out what it is. Even though you may have someone significant in your life right now, you’ll be meeting someone new that will give your partner a run for their money. Choose wisely!



There is someone in your life that you know very well who will give you an unexpected opportunity. Take it! Something that you have done at work will pay off in the ending and you’ll get that raise or partnership that you’ve always wanted. This will be a month when you can actually wheel and deal in your profession and get exactly what you want.



There is someone in your life that feels as close as a relative but at the same time, you’ve been at odds with them. There is a chance that this person will be leaving this earth plane. Remember to forgive in the ending. October will be a very active month in a good way. Try to keep your head on straight so you can see clearly. Someone will recommend a really good investment for you so take their advice. It will be very profitable in the ending.



This will be a month where you will feel that everything you do will not turn out the way you want it. Therefore I would recommend that you do not make a lot of changes this month. I’d recommend that you do as little traveling as possible. Someone will want to negotiate money matters or a business situation with you. Just realize in the long run this offer is actually very good and will save you money. Expect certain endings in relationships this month. It will upset you, but you’ll realize later on that you will be at peace with it.



You will reflect on all your past decisions in your life this month. Don’t be so hard on yourself as long as you’ve learned things along the way. You will be making some major changes in your life for the better, but as Capricorns go, it is not without thinking about it for a very long time before everything falls into place. There is something that you're doing that’s not without tough negotiations. You'll be successful at it, but interestingly enough it is something that you keep private. You take the philosophy "the less said the better."



You’ll be financially successful this month on more than one level. On a love level, if you have an interest in someone, although it will be very nice you still won’t get all your questions answered about this relationship. There are certain things that have been going on in your life that will be best kept quiet to certain people because of what it entails. You’ll be seeing someone that will want a relationship with you, but you won’t want to move forward. Let them off gently. Last but not least, there will be more than one person in life that will need your help. You’ll do very well in helping balance their lives.



Although you have been very successful in the workplace, you have not shared this with anyone because of your own humility. Because of this, your employer will offer you a brand new position that you’ll be very good at but you really don’t want. If you turn it down, you don’t have to worry about any regrets. If you are having any difficulties in your relationship don’t worry about it. Things will work out for your best. Just before the ending of the month, someone will want to partner with you or give you a new job offer. Although this is unexpected, I’d highly recommend that you take it.

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