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  • Mano Matthews


Updated: May 1, 2022

One of the things you will be learning this month is how to create a certain harmony in your life in your unique fashion that just works for you.

This month you might feel that no matter what you do nothing is happening. This feeling of being stuck is a way to describe the energy. On a personal level, I recommend trying meditation or doing something you enjoy until that stuck feeling subsides. Sometimes spiritual meditation is one of the best things to do to get things flowing again.

On a national level, this feeling that nothing is happening may mean the economy will be slowing down for a while. Just realize, even when you think you’re doing nothing- you are still doing a lot of things that you just cannot see.

One of the things you will be learning this month is how to create a certain harmony in your life in your unique fashion that just works for you. It could also mean on a national level that the government may have to come up with revolutionary ideas to find a solution to resolve whatever problems they have.

"LIGHT all around you :-)!"




There will be certain situations that will be coming up for you from your past. The reason why these situations or issues are repeating or resurfacing is that the universe wants to give you another opportunity to get this resolved properly. There is a strong possibility that a close relationship of yours may be ending. Do not take this ending the wrong way, as a new person will be taking its place. This person comes into your life to shine new possibilities and positivity into your life. Last but not least, the universe will be shedding new light in your life that will assist you in new opportunities to make your dreams become more of a reality.



Very shortly you will be getting a very substantial job opportunity even though it is not exactly your specialty. I would encourage you to accept this offer. On an intuitive level you will know exactly what to do once you're hired, so do not be nervous. There is a strong possibility that someone close to you may be going to the other side, just be at peace with it and realize it is their time to cross.



Although you have certain questions with certain obligations that you have, the universe will help you resolve them. You do not have to worry so much. The lesson here is to let go of control and let the universe resolve it for you. This is a gift so just trust it. There have been certain gifts that you have given to our culture. Just realize that although you can't see it now, they will be used in the future. So anything you have been given has not been wasted.



Regardless of your profession, this is the right position for you to in be right now. Although at times you may feel lost or alone in it, you have much to learn in your field of endeavor. There is no mistake with what you are doing right now in your life. For those of you that have been in a very long relationship, you will see the rewards in this union. You will help each other continue in the right direction. Both of you work with one another beautifully. Having said that, this will be a month where your intuition will guide you. Have confidence in your given field, even if you don't understand it yet.



You have always had a way with people and because of your huge nonjudgmental heart; you will get this business situation resolved with no problems. Those of you that are in a relationship just realize you will have some disagreements coming up about your living situation. It is your mission for your spouse to see that everything is in its highest good. Also, because of an opportunity, there is a very good chance that you may be moving.



Someone very special to you will be coming to visit. You do not feel that you are ready for this visit, but just accept it and everything will fall into place. On another note, a business associate that you work with will be leaving the nest. Don't get upset about this because you know exactly who could replace this person. There is a health issue in your life right now that you cannot see too clearly, but once you do you realize it then it can be healed.



Your employer will be providing you with a new assistant to work with you. At first, you don't know how to react. Don't worry; they will not take your place. What this does is loosen up things for you so you can take a much-needed vacation with a loved one. This will help strengthen the relationship. Also, you may not like to hear this, but an ex of yours will try and get back into your life again. My recommendation for you is to try and handle it with kindness, love, and discretion. Wish them well.



You know that old saying 'when the cats away the mice will play!' In other words, this will be a month of great opportunity to move things around without the interference of others telling you what to do. Whatever the situation; you will make it work for you, and it will stay that way. Just realize this will also be a month where you may have a lot of social engagements that you have been invited to. Go to the activities that will be most advantageous for you and do not bother with the ones that won’t do anything for you; save your energy.



This winter will be the worst time for your work partnerships. Once you get through this, your relationship with your work partner will get better. For some reason, you cannot give up this partner even if you wanted to, but after the season you can. Once you get everything situated you can “take the money and run” if you want to. You’re currently in a relationship that has not been working for you. I recommend that you let it go ...and do some self-healing on your heart before you meet the next soul.



You will be falling into a lot of money, but it has nothing to do with your work. For some reason, this money will be gifted and it’s coming shortly. Also, you will be dealing with some very difficult work situations so I recommend setting aside your pride and asking for help. You will get the help you desire. Last but not least, you will have an opportunity with a person that you love very much from your past. Unfortunately, it will be short, but very sweet.



Happy Birthday to you! To start, you will be having an opportunity to travel. Although it will be very nice, you may not be able to pick and choose where you are going, but you will have a very good time! There is someone around you who is not in the best of health. Do not control it. Allow the universe to resolve this issue with this person. Allow for all to be. As this month goes on, things will be easier for you. As this New Year begins, any difficulties will be resolving. Last but not least, there is a very good chance that you will be meeting a new soulmate. You will most likely meet this person through your work and they may be very different than who you are.



It’s time to take the next step in your relationship and move in together. This is something that you want, but at the same time, you are afraid to take the next step. My recommendation is to leap into it, and I don't think you will have any regrets. Someone will be giving you a huge financial gift. The money will be there in case you are not happy with our job. It is your option to take a hiatus for a while until you find something that makes you happy. Someone very important to you will want to do something that will give you a huge headache. Even if it’s climbing Mount Everest, grin and smile and encourage them. Don't say anything. If they move forward, take advantage of this time and do something you want to do which will be advantageous as your partner may not want to do this.

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