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  • Mano Matthews


Photo by Sushobhan Badhai on Unsplash

One of the main topics to discuss is the Coronavirus. There is no way of getting around it and how we perceive ourselves in the world. The Coronavirus had no choice but to affect the whole world regardless of whether we are rich or poor, and no matter what race or religion. One thing a disease does is bring us all together, whether we like it or not. It does not discriminate, it just goes.

I put it that way because, on a cultural level, most of the world has little regard for each other with such a lack of love. We just wind up praying to the mighty dollar and if we are not careful, all it takes is just one strong disease for us to just simply say goodbye. Its times like these that remind us to wake up and to remember things like, love, confidence, contentment, and equality. We have to leave behind such things as fear, shame, anger, and ego. We must be careful not to judge one another and to project our interpretation of what we think defines sin because when you think about it, it really doesn't exist. We have to learn not to be judgmental. If we don't learn these simple truths, it will happen all over again and maybe even worse next time.

According to my cards, there will be a privileged few wealthy and intelligent people that will come up with a cure. I would like to hope they’re all doing it for the sake of humanity, but realistically if they don't find a cure, it will be shameful and they will feel caught out. That is what will drive them to do the right thing. This disease showed us that no matter how rich or powerful you are, you are vulnerable. Nobody can hide. It also showed us that you can't show off your power or your wealth to make it go away. Hopefully, there will be enough support around them to show that true wealth comes in the form of love and compassion, and in that, we have the ability to be the same regardless of our bank accounts.

Eventually, we will get our cure and hopefully, it will arrive by the end of May. Life will return to a new normal but let us all hope that we will learn something from it all. If we don't, the universe will have the last laugh to save itself. All it wants is for us to learn is that if we could find a cure, we could live in abundance and not one single person on this planet has to starve or suffer. We all have the right to live a life of abundance and pure love.

"LIGHT all around you :-)!"