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One of the main topics to discuss is the Coronavirus. There is no way of getting around it and how we perceive ourselves in the world. The Coronavirus had no choice but to affect the whole world regardless of whether we are rich or poor, and no matter what race or religion. One thing a disease does is bring us all together, whether we like it or not. It does not discriminate, it just goes.

I put it that way because, on a cultural level, most of the world has little regard for each other with such a lack of love. We just wind up praying to the mighty dollar and if we are not careful, all it takes is just one strong disease for us to just simply say goodbye. Its times like these that remind us to wake up and to remember things like, love, confidence, contentment, and equality. We have to leave behind such things as fear, shame, anger, and ego. We must be careful not to judge one another and to project our interpretation of what we think defines sin because when you think about it, it really doesn't exist. We have to learn not to be judgmental. If we don't learn these simple truths, it will happen all over again and maybe even worse next time.

According to my cards, there will be a privileged few wealthy and intelligent people that will come up with a cure. I would like to hope they’re all doing it for the sake of humanity, but realistically if they don't find a cure, it will be shameful and they will feel caught out. That is what will drive them to do the right thing. This disease showed us that no matter how rich or powerful you are, you are vulnerable. Nobody can hide. It also showed us that you can't show off your power or your wealth to make it go away. Hopefully, there will be enough support around them to show that true wealth comes in the form of love and compassion, and in that, we have the ability to be the same regardless of our bank accounts.

Eventually, we will get our cure and hopefully, it will arrive by the end of May. Life will return to a new normal but let us all hope that we will learn something from it all. If we don't, the universe will have the last laugh to save itself. All it wants is for us to learn is that if we could find a cure, we could live in abundance and not one single person on this planet has to starve or suffer. We all have the right to live a life of abundance and pure love.

"LIGHT all around you :-)!"




Certain things in your life will be changing but most of it is on a subconscious level rather than a conscious level. It should be for the better. Whatever agreement you've had with someone, expect for them not to follow through. Make sure you have a plan B. You may have to work from home for one more month so make the best of it. After a work dilemma, the cavalry will be on its way to save you.



You may be going through some sorrow because of a loved one. Just realize there are just some things that are just meant to be. You will get what you've bargained for, but it just may take a little longer for it to happen. You’ve wanted to take a trip where you could combine business with pleasure. It may not happen. To your surprise, a better offer will come about.



This month you'll be getting a very good business offer, but the catch is you have to stay in one location for a while. The good thing is it will keep you out of any domestic drama that you may have been involved in before. You may have some contact with someone whom you consider a very special friend. This person is more than just a friend, but not yet a lover.



You should be getting an unexpected windfall of money. Even though it’s a lot of money, you have another amount in mind to help compensate for other things. Don't worry, that will also come. Be patient. Someone will accept your demands when they didn't before. It's up to you if you want to move forward. If you do, make sure you get it in writing. Remember, you sometimes can be a very powerful little wizard so if something falls apart in front of you, that's because you want it to fall apart so you could start something new! ;-)



Although people have suffered from this lock-down, for you it has been a blessing. It's given you the advantage to work on projects that you could get off the ground when the lock-down is lifted. This is also the kind of work that you could do anywhere as well. Launch this new venture little by little so people will be able to absorb it better.



The weight that's been on you will now be lifted. This will happen because of your sharp negotiation skills. You feel you have not been in the best of health, but that is shifting now as well. Part of the issue could have been caused by great sadness, but now something new will come into your life that will make you so very happy! Your way of working will be changing for you, but this time around, you'll have the upper hand



You might have a great job opportunity come your way. The only catch is that you may have to travel for the interview or even relocate. It seems to be worth it if you’re not happy with what your current job. Either way, your work should really take off this month and will accelerate very fast, so be fast on your reflexes and make fast and smart decisions. Also, your love relationship most likely will be ending. Not because the other person is not great, but you'll realize you’re not really in love with them.



This month you'll wake up and have some sort of an epiphany to some of your more pressing questions in life. As soon as they're crystal clear to you, you'll take immediate action no matter what your emotions dictate. You'll know deep down what is right is right for you and others around you. You may wind up dazed without confusion but fulfilled.



Even though your job may have stopped suddenly because of the current situation in the world, you shouldn’t worry. Eventually, it will continue again so you should feel fortunate. You also may not have all the people around you that you once had to work with, but your past experience will pay off and get you through until other people return. Also, the work that involves travel will still be there waiting for you. No one will ever accuse you of being a workaholic!!!



Because of your business savvy, you’ll be able to combine old projects with new project’s and you won't even have to leave your home. You may have an old friend of yours that will want to pick a bone with you. You'll have the wit and intelligence to put them in their place without offending them. Just remember, if you make a big purchase this month, don't forget to read the instructions thoroughly before using the item so you don't have any regrets.



You may have no choice but to take care of some past issues before the month is over. It may give you a small headache but you will be able to handle it swiftly and check it off your list. You'll be getting a new customer or client. They may not be upfront with you, but your intuition will pick up what they don't say and to help iron everything out. I guess the gates must be opening for you this month because I see many people around you that will vie for your services.



A partner of yours will want you to take a trip with them. You have your reservations about it. Just remember, if it doesn't feel right for you, don't do it. If you do take this trip, you may have to keep it quiet. As long as you make your decisions without fear, you are just fine. You'll get a very tempting job offer, but for some reason, you turn it down.

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