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  • Mano Matthews


A time for recovery and rebuilding.

For all farmers and fruit gatherers the August Moon is also called the Barley Moon. This full moon is about expecting the unexpected and the extraordinariness in life. It’s about adapting and embracing these changes, so don’t be stubborn and inflexible. Go with the changes. This is also about staying positive in your thinking and accepting the difficult challenges if and when they arise. Remember to be patient, diplomatic, and to be kind to one another. When communicating, it is important to choose your words wisely.


  • August 2nd, (3rd) and 4th.

  • The strongest day is the 3rd.

  • You might feel the energy a few days before and a few days after.

I'm still thrilled when my tarot cards are in alignment with the stars. I’m also seeing unexpected events that arise and not knowing exactly what to do in these challenging situations (which can be exhausting). So, be patient and calm and you'll find there will be alternative solutions to whatever problem you may have to go through. The solutions that you discover will surprise you and make your life a lot easier in the long run.



Light a Blue Candle

Blue to keep calm under stress.

Purple or lilac

Light a Brown Candle

Purple or Lilac to use your God-given intuition.


Light a brown candle.

Brown for grounding and to bring more money to you.


Light a green candle.

Green to follow your heart when you have no voice.


Light a green candle

Red to try to speed things up. If you light a red candle be very clear mentally and physically with your reflexes.


Light a white candle.

White to help make problems disappear.

Much light and love all around you!!! :-*


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