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we will all be living in the form of new abundance that we have not experienced before.

THE PROGNOSIS FOR SEPTEMBER You may or may not agree with me on this but the pandemic was meant to happen no matter what. If it didn’t happen, we would not have been able to make the progress that the world had to go through and to learn the lessons we had to learn. It will not only benefit us for future health situations, but it also will help us develop our work, finances, and social communication.

Ironically, this crisis will make us feel closer despite remote work and social distancing. Even though you may not like what you see right now, everything will pay off. We will understand why this all happened later as it continues to play out. The world had to go through this because we could not have survived in the old world order. You will also be surprised that we will all be living in the form of new abundance that we have not experienced before. It will not happen overnight, and it may even take years to achieve, but you will feel the energy starting to take effect now.

On a personal note, what all this does is force our minds to be more creative and find other alternatives with how we live our lives. It also means that we will learn that we choose whether we want to stay here or go to the other side. This pandemic is just making our choices easier for us. The choices that we make now will make us even stronger and more genuine as we continue to journey on our paths.



Jupiter is the money planet and goes direct on September 13th. Learn patience because things happen at a snails pace. It effects the economy and the stock market.


Saturn is retrograde until September 29th which means whatever lessons you need to learn will feel lighter and airier until it goes direct. When Saturn is retrograde it is a good thing. It is one of the few planets that we can say that about. As I mentioned the last few months, it's good because it gives us a break with karmic lessons and provides breathing room.


The other planet that is retrograde right now until October 4th is Pluto which means our hearts will be open and pure. Usually, Pluto represents the underbelly of life so even if you have hidden tendencies, you won't be feeling them right now and may even decide to go to the opposite direction for now. Unfortunately, there are a lot of deaths when it's retrograde.

"LIGHT all around you :-)!"




This month will be all about tests in both your love life and your professional life. In both areas, the universe is testing you to see if your relationship is sustainable or if you should move on. You will go through a series of trials to see if you can transform your relationship into a new phase. Also with your career, there are other alternatives you have to go through to make things work. This might be because of Covid19 or in general. It could be that the universe wants you to see other options within your profession. Check out other alternatives but it doesn’t mean you can’t fix what you already have.



The universe may have you repeat things over again as if it’s Groundhog’s Day. Don’t get angry or upset. Follow your God-given intuition and do things over again because there are things you might have missed. Be grateful for the opportunity to correct what you overlooked. The universe wants to confirm with you that you are not missing anything because of the pandemic and when it is over things will fall into place for you. Believe it or not, during this time you will get a job promotion or a raise. If it is a promotion, you may have to learn new tasks. Do your homework thoroughly to get advanced in the game. This activity may exhaust you, but it is something you will have to do to get to the next level. You may question whether it is worth the pay increase, but it will be.



In September you will feel like the angels are on your side. You will be moving on to new endeavors that will be like a continuum for you. Having said that, make sure you have a contract in place that allows you to add things as you progress. Don’t worry or hyperventilate during the hard times because they will be rewarding. You will be surrounded by new people that you are working with. This will also be a time where you will have to use your diplomatic and negotiation skills. This different opportunity will feel like wearing new clothes that you have to get comfortable with. If you are in a relationship, try to make your partner understand the trials and tribulations you are going through so there is not any extra added pressure.



So far, every decision that you have been making in your life has been the right one no matter how controversial it may seem to others. You will be going through one change after the other that may cause some worries or some headaches but don’t worry, they are just superficial. Everything that you have left behind in the past was a wise and good move. That doesn’t mean that you will be forgotten, but it will be there if you need them again. If this is any consolation, right now you are at the right place at the right time. No need to worry about moving any more than you already have. One of the reasons you have gone through so many changes is because you have avoided future catastrophes that would have happened. There is a chance that you can walk into something new with your profession, and once you do your research on it you can do it in your sleep.



You feel alone with your work which can mean more than one thing. It’s as if you are creating new projects for yourself or new ideas for your career. Although you may worry, you are doing just fine. There will be some challenges that you will be going through that you feel the door has been closed for you. There is nothing you can’t achieve to get through these blocks. Remember, starting this month everything will accelerate faster for you, so be quick on your reflexes both mentally and physically. A love interest from your past will be coming in. Although this may be good for your ego, do not leap. If you are married with lots of kids it wouldn’t be wise. You may feel you have no choice but to travel to get a work project done. I would not recommend it. It isn’t worth it.



During this pandemic, you have had worries about your career, but you have made great strides. Your popularity couldn’t be higher. You may also find other alternatives with your work that will work for you. Unfortunately, you may have to let go of certain people that you have been working with. Don’t feel guilty in any way because everyone has a path to follow. Just wish them well. There is someone from your past that will try to connect with you. Right now you don’t want to give them the time of day because your Virgo mind feels it is not logical to start a relationship when you can’t leave your house. It will work out. The universe is going to make that connection for you down the road anyway.



Whatever new endeavor that you recently accepted, everything is going to go through just fine. You are not going to lose anything. There is a part of you that feels like you have no choice but to be walking through the dark. Your intuition will guide you just fine. Whatever financial sacrifices that you have been making will shift back again. Although you feel cut off, you’ll be busy enough that the time will go fast. By the time the pandemic is over, you’ll be getting more than enough job offers if you want to pursue any of them.



To your surprise, you should be coming into a lot of money shortly. Whether it is an inheritance or a promotion, it will be coming. However, there is a technicality that you will have to go through to procure the money. Although your relationship with your loved one is more than ideal, you are still going through some old trust issues that are left open like a wound. You’ll have no choice but to face them so that your relationship can go through a healing process to have a healthier future. There is someone you love that will be going through a huge crisis. This crisis may be a matter of life and death. The best you could do is to pray for them and wish them the best outcome.



You just started a new relationship because of your loneliness and your anxiousness. You are getting into this relationship for all the wrong reasons. No matter how you try to work through this, it was dead before you even started. The irony is you felt like you were going to die because of a lack of intimacy, and now you are putting your life at risk because of too much intimacy. You have to face the truth and let go by having enough faith in yourself that someone even better will come along. The biggest lesson to learn right now is patience. You have not met your ideal mate but this person will be coming. Believe in destiny and before you know it, this new person will be right in front of you.



Right now there is a fine balance between too much inactivity and not enough activity. What you need to do is find an alternative to keep yourself healthy and active. There are a lot of exercise courses you can take online, so don’t go thinking you can’t do anything about it. Your health is paramount and you must look after it. Remember, it’s never too late. Also, add other alternatives on a homeopathic level that will help you. Also, try to keep up to date with everyone that you know on social media.



There are people that you have been working with that you are not thrilled with. Just grin and bear it and it will go fast. Although you feel like your romance is in the toilet, keep shining and stay optimistic even though you feel alone. As you keep shining, it means that the attraction will always stay there for the future. The positive thing about it all is that because of who you are, you will always be popular. You will never really be lonely because you always have people around you. Despite the pandemic, your work will keep growing and growing. Remain positive and focus on your career, and when you least expect it you will mesh into a beautiful loving relationship.



You do feel like something has been preventing you from being more successful in your endeavors. You felt that the pandemic would jeopardize the dreams that you have but in actuality, they will benefit from the pandemic. There are new opportunities for your career and you will be attracted to its challenges. You might even take a temporary pay cut to do this because you believe in it so much. You are using your intuition to guide you. This new profession will be very substantially rewarding for you. Once you get started, you will be able to breathe a little better knowing that you made the right decision. Although you were good at your last job, it was exhausting because you were not happy. The relationships that you make in your life now either socially or through your career will be around for a lifetime.

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