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  • Mano Matthews


we will all be living in the form of new abundance that we have not experienced before.

THE PROGNOSIS FOR SEPTEMBER You may or may not agree with me on this but the pandemic was meant to happen no matter what. If it didn’t happen, we would not have been able to make the progress that the world had to go through and to learn the lessons we had to learn. It will not only benefit us for future health situations, but it also will help us develop our work, finances, and social communication.

Ironically, this crisis will make us feel closer despite remote work and social distancing. Even though you may not like what you see right now, everything will pay off. We will understand why this all happened later as it continues to play out. The world had to go through this because we could not have survived in the old world order. You will also be surprised that we will all be living in the form of new abundance that we have not experienced before. It will not happen overnight, and it may even take years to achieve, but you will feel the energy starting to take effect now.

On a personal note, what all this does is force our minds to be more creative and find other alternatives with how we live our lives. It also means that we will learn that we choose whether we want to stay here or go to the other side. This pandemic is just making our choices easier for us. The choices that we make now will make us even stronger and more genuine as we continue to journey on our paths.



Jupiter is the money planet and goes direct on September 13th. Learn patience because things happen at a snails pace. It effects the economy and the stock market.


Saturn is retrograde until September 29th which means whatever lessons you need to learn will feel lighter and airier until it goes direct. When Saturn is retrograde it is a good thing. It is one of the few planets that we can say that about. As I mentioned the last few months, it's good because it gives us a break with karmic lessons and provides breathing room.