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Aggressive New Moon in Gemini aligned with Star Aldebaran

This will be one of those New Moons on May 30, 2022, where there will be a lot of anger and aggression shown. Hopefully, it will all be directed towards just causes. So you understand, I'm talking about vast amounts of energy being accelerated like a volcano exploding, and we could channel all that energy into positive directions instead negative directions.

All of this is happening when the new moon is in Gemini and aligned with the Mars-like star Aldebaran. Mars will also be aligned with Jupiter, so all of this creates a vast amount of energy. Mercury, still in retrograde, is squaring Saturn, which can create very negative thinking. This negativity can be used to hurt loved ones, so try to direct all of this energy into your work and away from those you love and care for. (This also can affect animals.) By redirecting this energy, you can make lots of money and get a promotion at work.

Some of you may already be feeling this before the new moon and could be feeling it for two weeks or longer after the new moon passes. Unfortunately, Mercury is still in retrograde until June 3, so do not light any candles during this new moon cycle. The best thing to do at this time is to meditate and try to create loving thoughts or even go to the gym. Be ambitious, and put all that energy towards worthy causes. On a good note, all this extra pent-up energy can help Ukraine's cause.


May 30, 2022

Do not light candles!


Light, peace and love all around you! :-* Mano


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