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Beaver Full Moon in Gemini & Scorpio- Be Prepared for Intense Awakenings

This Full Moon is also commonly known as The Beaver Moon because not only do Beavers take shelter and keep sufficient food supplies for the long winter, but also their thick coats that keep them warm.

Since the Full Moon is in Gemini, it allows us to see our lives on mutiple levels. It helps us remember the previous year clearly, taking what we want and don't want into the new year. Since this moon is also in Scorpio (which is ruled by Mars and Pluto), it makes things even more emotional and intense. It forces us to go within to make the right decisions as we move forward in life. So, as we make big decisions, it would be wise to stay level-headed and diplomatic along the way. Remember, keeping on an even keel goes along way.

"Light all around you, and keep warm at heart." ;-)




November 26, (27), 28

November 27th is the strongest day.



Orange, to be more healthy



Green, to do everything in a loving way.



Blue, to keep calm.



Brown, to be more grounded.



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