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Flower Full Moon in Sagittarius - Positive Inspiration

Three maidens dancing
Mano's Full Moon Candle Ritual -

This Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 23, 2024, is also called the Flower Full Moon signifying spring going into summer. During this full moon we will also feel the effects of Pluto's secrets as well as the passion of Venus mixed in with Jupiter’s expansion.

Although this is a positive full moon, it is also mixed with emotion. Sagittarius is famous for its stirring adventure mixed in with desire and truth. But for this full moon, it warns us not to rush things, but be cautious and patient and allow things to blossom like the beautiful flowers we love to see until we feel the moment is right!  This will be a time of reflection and personal growth. And with Pluto there, it is all about what doesn’t work for us anymore and getting rid of it, and getting rid of old thinking or past brainwashing that we grew up with and throwing what doesn’t work for us anymore in the trash.   

Lastly, this will be a time when secrets will be revealed, both personally and also publicly. 

"Love & Light all around you!" ;-)




May 22, (23), & 24

May 23 is the strongest day.



A field of yellow flowers illustration
Yellow, for resilience and accepting change - Mano's Candle Ritual

Yellow, for resilience and accepting change.



Raining flowers
Blue, for patience and understanding - Mano's Candle Ritual

Blue, for patience and understanding.


Purple or Lilac

Purple and lilac flowers and bottles
Purple or Lilac, for natural intuition- Mano's Candle Ritual

Purple or Lilac, for natural intuition.



Bouquet of soap flowers
Brown, for strength - Mano's Candle Ritual

Brown, for strength.



A green leaf
Green, for opening of the heart- Mano's Candle Ritual

Green, for opening of the heart.



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