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Flower Full Moon with Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio & Mercury Retrograde

Just a reminder, don't light any votive candles until after May 14th since Mercury is retrograde until then. We all know how Mercury being retrograde can create havoc in our lives, but the good thing about it being retrograde is we have permission to take our time doing things, so we get everything right. Plus, it's a time to reevaluate our lives to see what we can improve upon. It's also all about misunderstandings and mechanical things breaking down, so take some deep breaths and don't try to force things. Finally, don't sign any contracts during this timeframe until Mercury goes direct after the 14th.

This Full Moon is called the flower full moon to celebrate the spring awakening with a Lunar eclipse in Scorpio in the sign of Taurus. Overall, this will be considered one of the biggest months for change of the year. Just keep in mind change can be good, so be open to change. Look at it as an abundance of new spiritual growth and exciting new beginnings. Also, Pluto will be going retrograde. This implies/means...we will be examining more of our intense emotions for the next five months and where we stand with them. And with Scorpio being in the mix, we will be experiencing a lot of unexpected twists and turns. So, this is a good time to dig deep and get what has been weighing you down spiritually out of your system for good! We may be having some major financial changes as well, but because Scorpio is in the mix, it can help sort it out in a big way!

A Special Message from my Tarot Cards

Do a lot of meditation. In fact, do more meditation than usual.

Full Moon Date

  • May 5, 2023

  • No candle ritual since Mercury is retrograde

Beautiful Flower Full Moon for all.

Light all around you!

Mano ;-)


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