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Full Moon in Aries - Grace Under Fire

(Photo @MohamedNohassi Unsplash)

Since October is in Libra which is ruled by Venus, and Mars just happens to be visiting (transiting) Venus, that's what might be giving trouble to your love life. This time around the Full Moon will be in Aries, which is ruled by Mars. It means it's a time of love and war filled with disagreements and temper tantrums. The lucky thing is that the sun will be in transit with Venus, which means in the ending, love will overcome the aggression that comes from Mars. Of course, this is not without some negotiation and a little hard work.

Also, according to my tarot cards, this is a time to use your intuition and not use too much intellectual thinking to get your best ideas across to get what you want. Remember not to take things so seriously because with a little flattery, you can move mountains.

Light all around you!

Mano ;-)


October 8, (9), 10
October 9 is the strongest day.




Blue, for harmony and to make the best of agreements.



Green, for love



Brown, for grounding.



Red, for good sex.



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