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Full Moon in Leo - We Begin the Dawning of a New Age

I'd like to begin to say, that on January 20th, 2024, our Earth started the dawning of a new age when Pluto entered Aquarius, but just for a short time from September 9th to November 19th, then it goes back in Capricorn. But after that Pluto will be in Aquarius for 20 years. What that means is we will see changes in our economy, technology, and communications. It will also be a time of great transparency. We could also see a lot of land changes too. We could see new land rise from the ocean to older lands disappearing. The land changes should come about more gradually than swiftly.

But I digress. With Leo at the helm in January, the energy should be more calming and even inspiring to your creativity. It should be a time when you will feel more confident in yourself. It's a time when you'll be fine-tuning your interests. In general, it will be a time for collaboration in business relations and strengthening your friendships. But having said that, it will also be a time when you may challenge your ideology and even push your buttons. So, try to be more philosophical and empathetic in your approach to enlighten your point of view. And it would be advisable to respect each other's boundaries. There will also be themes around loyalty and supporting loved ones, but also preserving your self-worth at the same time.

"Light all around you on this Full Moon!" ;-)




January 24, (25), & 26

January 25 is the strongest day.



A family gardening in yard symbolizing love for fellow man
Light a Green Candle - Mano's Candle Ritual

Green, for love of your fellow man.



Blue Candle Candle Ritual harmony around people
Light a Blue Candle - Mano's Candle Ritual

Blue, for harmony around people.


Lilac & Purple

Lilac or Purple Candle to sharpen intuition
Light a Lilac or Purple Candle - Mano's Candle Ritual

Lilac & Purple, to sharpen your intuition.



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