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Full Moon in Libra - It's Darkest Just Before Dawn

The Full Moon will be in Libra this time around, but the major influence is Pluto squaring the moon. What this means is there will be huge challenges and tests in very extreme and intense ways. Translating: your darkest feelings and habits will come out of you.

But at the same time, it lends positive aspects to Mars and Saturn and some challenging aspects to Jupiter, which can help us through these challenging times. Of course, all this won't let up until around the 29th of April, and not until then will Ukraine have any real breathing space.

On a private note, I've been meditating extra hard for Ukraine to pull through from this sick and crazy guy called Putin.

Light and love all around the world!

Mano ;-)


  • April 15, (16), 17.

  • April 16th is the strongest day.