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Full Moon in Libra with a Lunar Eclipse Bring Something in your Life to a Close

A woman locking a door
Bring a part of your life to a close - Mano's Full Moon Candle Ritual

There is a Full Moon in Libra on March 25th with a Lunar eclipse. When this happens, the full moon energy is ten times more powerful. They are considered incredibly powerful and are believed to open portals to higher states of consciousness. This portal that opens under the Libra Lunar Eclipse is considered one of endings and we are influenced to bring something to a close.

May it be a friendship, a job, or a certain chapter in our lives. This affects us all, but in different ways and at varying degrees. But no matter what, it affects all of us and propels the direction where we need to be on our life journey. It is also believed that Eclipses unlock fated contracts.

This is all part of a connection of Lunar Eclipses, and the next one will be in October 2024 while the last of the series will be in March 2025. This will tell us an ongoing story of our lives to learn, and we may not know the full answer until the last of the series.

Also, with this full moon in March, the sun will be in Aries. This provides an opportunity to achieve what we want very swiftly, but the trick is to be kind, polite, calm, and diplomatic.

"Light all around you!" ;-)




March 24, (25), and 26

March 25 is the strongest day


Purple or Lilac

Purple and lilac gift boxes stacked and carried
Light a Purple or Lilac Candle - Mano's Full Moon Candle Ritual

Purple or lilac, for psychic ability.



Blue Candle Candle Ritual harmony around people
Light a Blue Candle - Mano's Full Moon Candle Ritual

Blue, for calmness and harmony.



Man with red hat and red cell phone
Light a Red Candle - Mano's Full Moon Candle Ritual

Red, for swiftness and staying alert



Light a Brown Candle - Mano's Full Moon Candle Ritual

Brown, for money and grounding



Purple or Lilac Candle to sharpen intuition
Light a Purple or Lilac Candle- Mano's Full Moon Candle Ritual

White to keep our transitions pure of heart.



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