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Full Moon in Virgo - Time for Self-Soothing

The Full Moon on the 24th was in Virgo which is ruled by Mercury. This has to do with the mind and communication, so this is a time to work on self healing and self confidence. It’s a time to show off all your unique gifts and what you can do with them to highlight how limitless you are (and can be) while also respecting how far you can actually go.  This will help you upgrade and fine tune your energy as well. You can do it!  You can achieve all that and more! 

"Light all around you on this Full Moon!" ;-)




February 24, 25 & 26



A family gardening in yard symbolizing love for fellow man
Light a Green Candle - Mano's Candle Ritual

Green, for love of your fellow man.



Blue Candle Candle Ritual harmony around people
Light a Blue Candle - Mano's Candle Ritual

Blue, for your throat chakra, to help you harmonize.


White & Purple

White or Purple Candle to sharpen intuition
Light a White or Purple Candle - Mano's Candle Ritual

White and Purple, to help you burn out all the evil, deception and stealing off of this planet



Yellow for protection
Light a Yellow Candle - Mano's Candle Ritual

Yellow, to help you shine and to help you achieve.



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