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Full Moon September 20, 2021 - Optimism, Good Fortune and Charity

The September Full Moon is on the 20th and will be in the sign of Pisces. The strongest planet that will influence this full moon this time around will be Mercury trine Jupiter, which drops in at the last minute and saves the day.

This energy translates to optimism. You will be feeling more charitable. You will resonate more toward the positive side of things. You will feel a sense of good fortune, and you'll even notice that your conversations will share good news more frequently than bad news.

Make some favorable business deals because the timing is right, and get your legal matters in order. New research discoveries will be announced to help better this world. If you can travel for business, I would encourage it because it will help further your good financial fortune.

The only negative aspects are Mercury square, Pluto. This means that you should keep a lid on any good fortune you make, so keep things quiet. Don't brag about your fortune because it will be rubbing salt in the wound of those that are less fortunate. If you do so anyway, it could bite you in the butt. Jealous people can do some harm, so humility and generosity go a long way!


  • September 19, (20), 21.

  • September 20 is the strongest day.




Blue, for harmony and feeling good.



Yellow, for protection.



Pink, to get rid of any negative people in your life.


Purple and Lilac

Purple or Lilac, for intuition.



Green, for money.


Love & Light all around you!



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