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Full Moon with Total Lunar Eclipse - Unexpected Change

(Photo by @JarekŠedý Unsplash)

Since This Full Moon is on the 8th day of November, the 11th month, in the year 2022. The number 8 is usually about stability and completion until the next level, but add all the numbers together (11+8+2+0+22), and they add up to a 7, which means spirituality but not without some hard times with transformation and change. Having said that, November will be in Taurus, accompanied by a Total Lunar Eclipse with Mercury opposite Uranus. If that is not enough, there is a huge influence in Saturn square Uranus to boot.

What all this means in plain English is we will be experiencing a lot of unexpected change, politically, economically, geography, and even emotionally. Because of the total Lunar Eclipse, we should be experiencing this for 6 months or longer. But before we get upset, most of it will be very, very good change. But we won’t completely realize it until the masterpiece is almost done. Then everything should run smoothly again. So, try not to take everything in the news seriously because they will also be trying to figure everything as it progresses as well.

Tarot Card Message

The cards say we will go through certain stress and anxiety if we don't make the necessary changes that we need to make. But as we go through these changes, we should not compromise the dreams that we want to make into realities no matter how hard or how long it will take us to get there. We need to learn from the past and take what was good from the past and leave the rest behind that doesn't work for us anymore. We need to have mutual spiritual support from one another through positive meditation. That way, we will all heal ourselves quicker with less pain as we release and go into the new.

Even if this sounds more like a New Year’s kind of message, this is what my cards are saying now, and I must respect what they tell me.

Love all around you!

Mano ;-)


November 7, (8), 9
November 8 is the strongest day.




Blue, for calmness and harmony.



Green, for love and strength.



Brown, for grounding and money.



Yellow, to shine brightly and invincibly



Pink, for protection.



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