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Full Moon with Welcome Change

During this Full Moon, the sun will be opposite the moon, which affects your close relationships with friends and family making your feelings keener and sharper towards them for the next two weeks. You might also find yourself feeling pressured with work and social issues and how you balance them. Besides, you might be questioning what you want in your life versus what is needed. You might struggle with how you need to balance everything. Please note that if you don't find a solution, you may drain your energies. Since this will be a time of heightened emotions, meditate to make the best of decisions.

On the positive side, you will be in better health, have improved financial prospects while gaining more self-respect.

On a personal note, as we transition into the New Year, I am grateful that 2020 taught me inner strength, endurance, and how to keep positive in the toughest of times!!


  • December 28th, (29th) and 30th

  • December 29th is the strongest day



Mediate this month to help keep your emotional cup from overflowing! During meditation, I recommend working with the colors gold and white to get more clarity. It also helps you get things done faster. To help your organizational thoughts, you can mix blue as well. It also helps to be more harmonious with things around you. You have a natural organic sense of organization after you meditate, and things go more smoothly. The world seems a lot nicer. I recommend twenty minutes of meditation each day.




Blue, for clear thought and calmness.



Brown, to help you stay grounded.



Green, for the strength of heart.



Purple or Lilac, for strong intuition.


Light all around you in the coming New Year!

Mano ;-)


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