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Manifesting a New You New Moon

Often, I feel I want to write as if I'm having a casual conversation with you, so I'm going to try.

This New Moon should be exciting because of how the planets are aligned. The New Moon is in Taurus on the 11th of May, and if you’re sensitive, you can feel the planets shifting around a few days before they take their position on the 11th. Taurus will be sextile the moon and Mercury trine Saturn, so things will happen swiftly and beautifully. This puts you first in the line. You can also add a little bit of spice from Mars sextile Uranus giving lovely unexpected surprises. (Just remember, when you hear words like sextile and trine with the planets, that’s exceptional!)

This is a good time to trust in yourself, trust in the Universe, and make your dreams a reality. Tap into your deep faith using your intuition or your God-given psychic ability to pull it off and make everything manifest as your new reality. All the planets and stars are aligned to help support your vision and make it happen.

Also meditation always helps and so does burning sage to help keep the energy clear.

Just remember. as long as your determined, you could make your dreams a reality!


May 10th, (11th), 12th

The strongest day is the 11th.




Blue, to make sure everything

comes into harmony for you.



Brown, for strength and grounding.



Pink, to clear out any obstacles (engrave "clearing out obstacles" on votive candle is necessary).



Purple or Lilac, for intuition.


Yellow, to make the magic happen.

Light all around you! :-* Mano


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