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Updated: May 1, 2022

The Prognosis for April 2021

This will be a month where you feel everything will be going too fast for you. The quickening will give you a form of insecurity. Not to worry because you will have great clarity with everything that you feel is going too fast for you. You will be getting everything in place for yourself and also have the intuition of putting things into place for the future as if you are saving for a rainy day. You will be organizing things and then some. Just realize things are accelerating faster than what you are used to, but through the acceleration, everything will be properly connected so nothing falls out of place.

This month, take a closer look at how you are spending your money and where it is going so nothing is wasted. As usual, use your intuition or your gut feeling that you are making the right decision with your work, and you will be fine. Whatever difficulties you are having with your job, realize that whatever the struggle or the fight is you get what you want.

On an international level, there will be the start of new advancements in technology. Some will be easy to understand and some will be difficult. We are almost out of the woods with the pandemic but we will still have to make some compromises with it. It is definitely getting better. The world will be rumbling with earthquakes and other natural disasters. It will feel like the earth is having an upset stomach. Despite these changes, it will not affect our daily flow. Some of these changes will be made obvious to us eventually. Not that I want to sound like an optimist, in the ending the changes that we are going through will be better for the common man, but not necessarily for the governments that want total control. Realize, like us, a lot of the governments are making changes to provide personal freedom and the way we look at and handle money. That includes our economy and finances.

Light all around you!