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Updated: May 1, 2022

The Prognosis for April 2021

This will be a month where you feel everything will be going too fast for you. The quickening will give you a form of insecurity. Not to worry because you will have great clarity with everything that you feel is going too fast for you. You will be getting everything in place for yourself and also have the intuition of putting things into place for the future as if you are saving for a rainy day. You will be organizing things and then some. Just realize things are accelerating faster than what you are used to, but through the acceleration, everything will be properly connected so nothing falls out of place.

This month, take a closer look at how you are spending your money and where it is going so nothing is wasted. As usual, use your intuition or your gut feeling that you are making the right decision with your work, and you will be fine. Whatever difficulties you are having with your job, realize that whatever the struggle or the fight is you get what you want.

On an international level, there will be the start of new advancements in technology. Some will be easy to understand and some will be difficult. We are almost out of the woods with the pandemic but we will still have to make some compromises with it. It is definitely getting better. The world will be rumbling with earthquakes and other natural disasters. It will feel like the earth is having an upset stomach. Despite these changes, it will not affect our daily flow. Some of these changes will be made obvious to us eventually. Not that I want to sound like an optimist, in the ending the changes that we are going through will be better for the common man, but not necessarily for the governments that want total control. Realize, like us, a lot of the governments are making changes to provide personal freedom and the way we look at and handle money. That includes our economy and finances.

Light all around you!

Happy Birthday, Aries. This will be a year of change for you. Make your choices wisely. Be careful how you spend your money because you could put it in a place that won’t work for you. It isn’t a lot of money, but it is still losing an investment. Right now you are having relationship problems and will continue to work on this relationship as the year continues. You are still in the dark and things need to be aired out. You’ll be getting more than one job offer this year, and that means letting go of the job you have now. Before you can let go of it, you have to resolve things within your current workplace before you can establish a new place. Overall, you’ll make the right decision about the change in your profession and the end result of your current relationship. Take your time; put a lot of thought into it, and mediate to get clarity on the decisions you are making.


Taurus there is a strong possibility that you will be making a transition within your current company or you’ll be moving to another company. It is still doing what you are doing now but on a higher and more positive level. You will have more authority and more say in your new position. It is like saying you will be going from secretary to management. One of the reasons this is happening now is your employer realizes your worth and doesn’t want to lose you because they can. There will be someone that you know from the past who will reach out to you with an opportunity. It is a very good opportunity and you can trust it if you do it. It is not saying on what level so it could be personal or business. You will get exactly what you want. Although you have fears of being alone in your life, I can guarantee you will not be alone.


You’ll be having a very positive yet unexpected accident of sorts that is meant to happen. One of the reasons this is happening is because the universe does not want you to have control over the situation involved. The universe is trying to make everything fall into place for you and respect your wishes. Most Gemini’s have a knack for sabotaging their accomplishments. You are known for having one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas. You have an opportunity to rekindle an old relationship if you want to. There is nothing wrong with it. I would urge you to think about it. Don’t feel that you are taking a step backward because it has nothing to do with that. If anything, this relationship will make your life a whole lot easier.


For a while now you have been going through certain dilemmas that you are having a hard time getting through. That is ending this month. You have also been feeling a little apprehensive to do certain projects, but now the universe will give you opportunities to go through those doors. Whatever you feel you have not been good at in the past; you will now be mastering those skills. You will have an opportunity to start a new job. It will be something that you already know what to do but it’s still different. Also, although you may find something you want to do, you will be getting more than one job offer and maybe even some kind of partnership coming up.


There is a strong possibility that you will be making major decisions on how to invest your money. Your intuition will be very good, and you will put all your money into the right investments that you wish to make. You feel you have not been productive in your work lately. Don’t worry, it is as if you are doing spring cleaning for bigger things to happen. There may be a work trip that will be coming up, but it is not going to fall into place the way you think it will but it will still be very successful. There is someone you know that may fall ill. Whatever the outcome, it will help you open certain business doors that otherwise would not have been opened.


You are going to be getting more than one job opportunity, but for some reason, it is more of a hindrance to you than welcome. You feel comfortable where you are even though it is flattering. Chances are you will not take these opportunities. Before you make a decision weigh the pros and cons. Because of the pandemic, you have been feeling very lonely. On the positive side, you have used this time constructively for your own progress in life so nothing is wasted. What you are doing is mastering something very unique that only you can do, and when the time comes you will be able to share it. Something from your past will be presented to you. It will make you very happy because you will have total control over it.


There is a strong possibility after being in a long relationship that you decide to let it go because you realize you do not have anything in common with this person. Although your decision will trouble you, realistically you are making the right choice. You will feel a huge burden lifted off your shoulders. There is an unexpected opportunity in your profession. You are worried about taking this opportunity because you fear you are not ready, but I suggest you make the change. You are a fast learner, and you will be able to use your current skills while learning new things.


You’ll have no choice but to make a trip. You’ll find a way to ensure it is safe so your health is not in jeopardy. Everything should be fine. Someone will be giving you a new career opportunity but you may not have experience within that field. Because you are so naturally intelligent you will be able to do it just fine. Believe it or not, this is something that you have always wanted to do, and the universe is now presenting it to you. There will be more than one person vying for your attention this month. It could be a combination of people like a child, a spouse, or a partner. Do you know that old saying? When it rains it pours!


If you that are going through any type of separation or divorce right now, the universe is presenting you with this experience so you can learn some valuable lessons in your life that you have not experienced. It doesn’t matter if you are 25 or 65, these lessons will still be presented to you. If you feel as if you are destined to be alone for the rest of your life, it is not that. The universe wants you to find out who you are first before you share your space with a partner. The positive thing about it is that you will have new clarity and the ability to make better business decisions. This will enable you to have more freedoms in your life and not feel stuck.


Whatever agreements you have made in the past will now be showing great returns on your investments. This may put you in a higher financial bracket, but it will not be obvious to others because of your own inner humility (or you don’t think it is anyone else’s business). This allows you to shed anything that does not work for you anymore. Also, whatever person you feel has been blocking your opportunities at your company, that block will be lifting. Likely, that person will be leaving and will not interfere anymore. You might even take over their job.


There is a good chance you will be meeting someone new. The relationship will be continuous. Right now, the relationship has not been totally clear to you. Also, you may be going on a trip shortly. You feel insecure about going on this trip, but you will be fine. Although I get the work card, it looks like you will be meeting your ideal partner as far as work is concerned. This partner will help ensure everything falls into place for you. This person was either meant to come into your life or has a past life connection with you. It is known that all Aquarians will be going through change this year. Don’t fight it, go with it, and you will feel in control and aware of what is happening around you. This will help you take the next steps for the next twenty years of your life.


Right now you feel insecure with the changes being made within your relationship even though those changes may lead to a stronger bond. You are happy with the way it is now. If you want to take things further it will bring more happiness and bliss in your life, but you are afraid you are sacrificing your independence. You will not be giving up your independence or who you are, but you will be doing things differently. Consider asking yourself why you want to keep things the way they are when it could be better.



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