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The Prognosis for April 2023

Just a reminder, Mercury will be going into retrograde from April 21st to May 14th affecting mechanical things. So, you shouldn't buy anything new that's mechanical. It's easy to have misunderstandings or miscommunication problems during this timeframe. It's not the best time to travel, especially if you've never been there before because things can be delayed. It's not a good time to sign any new contracts because they are not binding. But it's a good time to see old friends, spend time with family members, and to finish off old things.

Also, at this time, Pluto will be entering Aquarius (March 28th to June 11th). This means whatever has been kept hidden will now come out to the public and certain lies will be exposed. It will be a time of innovation and new things in tech knowledge coming about. Also, what is old and doesn't work anymore will be done away with. Old institutions will fall, and new ones will rise. Plus, how we look at money will be changing too, but it's not really anything to worry about. Everything will balance in the end.

What is interesting about all of this is that my tarot cards reinforce that things will be ending, and much change will happen regarding work and the establishment on a very substantial level. It may feel long and tedious, but it will go very fast and swiftly. So, our hearts may skip a bit, but all the change will be a very good thing. Remember without change progress could not happen.

Light all around you!


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