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The Prognosis for August 2023

On a world level, there will be some major industries or companies that will have no choice but to shut down and with very little explanation about why it's happening. The people who are running those companies and industries don't understand why they are all tumbling down. This is not a bad thing. It's really all about worldwide change on an astrological level that's been brewing for a long time because of all the new technology that has been developed, like AI. Remember, if we work with our hearts with all this unconventional change, we can integrate it by merging our minds with our hearts with AI, and it will work for us instead of against us! Also, because of our unique experiences in life, we can seperate what works for us and what doesn't! We have the power to do that because this time around, in history, it's all about the common-man being on top for a change. Our hearts meshing with our minds will go a long, long way!!

Light all around you!


(See your astrological sign below:)


You may have to reroute the vacation plans you have for some reason, but you'll realize it will be for the better. Even if you go on a vacation, you may have no choice but to bring work along with you. Having said all that, you should still enjoy yourself when you are away although you may have your doubts.


There are things that you will have no choice but to let go of to make more progress in your life. You may have to make the changes even if you don't feel you have all the answers. But, in so doing you will feel a new sense of freedom that you haven't felt for a long time.


If you want progress to happen with your work, just stay in one place and do not take any vacations this month. There are new and exciting prospects coming up for you, but they may be a bit challenging. However being a Gemini, you wouldn't have it any other way!


Come August, your going to feel kind of stuck. The more you push, the less you get, and the less you push, the more you get. So, what the Universe is saying to you, is a watched pot never boils. So be calm, do other things around you, and before you know it you'll see a lot of progress with your efforts.


Because of family obligations, you'll feel pressure from those around you, to drop all your work and go on a vacation (or at least a family outing) with them. In order to be more successful and to be on top of your game you feel your work needs more attention. The cards say do not worry. You're not going to miss a darn thing. It's all going to be there when you get back.


You may have no choice but to take a trip to help a friend or relative of yours, so you may have to postpone other engagements. But don't worry, the other engagements will still be there when you get back. Plus, you'll get other unexpected opportunities coming your way that you will be content with.


August should be a very positive month for you in a celebratory way but also in a personal way as well. You may have a bump in the road from an ex of yours that will demand your attention. It's because of an unresolved issue from the past that needs to be taken care of. It will feel more like wasted energy, but you do placate your ex, resolve the situation and get it out of the way!


This month will circle around a few work projects you have on and off the board. The one on the board will go very smoothly and be problem free. The other one will keep you on your toes, but you should know exactly what to do with it. Overall with both projects, you will be financially rewarded with very little sweat!!


One of your work relationships will stress you out big-time because they don't trust that you can resolve a work situation even though you know it's the right conclusion. Just let them have it their way, and say okay and say, "let's see what happens." You have to make sure they take responsibility and that they're holding the ball when the situation falls through. Don't take any of the blame when it does!!


You'll have no choice but to shell out a little bit of money to resolve a business issue. The good thing about this is that it could have cost so much more money, but you got lucky! There is something on the leisure level that you don't want to do. But in the end, you'll be very happy that you attended the event. You'll have a reconciliation of sorts with an old friend. You'll be happy about it despite your differences regarding an unresolved issue that you have with each other.


Although August should be a fun month for you, there will be a good opportunity that will come your way. There will be some obstacles, but nothing that can't be taken care of. There is a work project that you have been working on for quite some time. To your surprise and enjoyment, it will be completed before the month is over!!


Someone will be giving you a gift this month that's somewhat substantial. You're not crazy about it, but you'll have no choice but to accept it and say thank you! You may have to make some sacrifices on a work level for someone else. Don't worry about it because everything will fall into place for you anyway.


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