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The Prognosis for December 2023

Global Reading

On a Global level, it will be a time of letting go of things that do not work for us anymore while looking at things with a new perspective. There will be new contracts or plans with certain compromises made. There also may be a new way of dealing with money. Not many people will like it at first, but in the long run, it will make our economy even stronger. Last but not least, with all the new technology coming out, we will have the proper safeguards in place so we don't have to worry about losing money. This will help us all breathe easier.

There will be new types of employment opportunities while different types of old work positions will simply disappear because it will be out-of-date. We will be more successful on an individual level than on a mass level, so from all the centralized organizations making change, it becomes a form of decentralized progress.

International travel may be limited at the beginning of the new year. If I would guess why, it may be on a health level, but it should pass swiftly! I would still recommend a check up to be on the safe side.

Light all around you, and have a beautiful holiday;-)!


(See your astrological sign below:)


The cards want me to tell you that you'll be going through much change for the new year, but you'll start feeling the pull of it in December. To begin with the changes will be good for you. Some of the changes will be welcoming. They also tell me to expect the unexpected, but it won't be anything you can't handle. A partner you were once close to a long time ago will pass away. Even if you are not informed about it, you'll still feel a sensation passing within you.


Through some intense wheeling and dealing, you'll get a very big bonus at work or a huge pay raise coming up very soon. There will be an ex that will try to contact you because they feel you still owe them something. Don't trust it!! Someone you know will want to do a part time business with you. Please consider it. It can be very lucrative and very rewarding!


This month speaks about money coming your way from two different sources. One may be an inheritance of some kind, but I feel they may still be around when they give it to you. Another comes from a new job offer that you can't refuse. You would be an idiot if you turn it down. Last but not least, there will be a female that will want something from you. Don't trust her!


You've been going through some kind of depression or slumber for a little while, but you'll be shaking it off shortly. There has been a situation that you've been in where you've had the feeling of being stuck and not being able to get out. Well, you've found the right solution to get yourself out of it! Someone will ask you to do a unique kind of job on the side that you've never done before. Don't be a fool. Do it! You'll even surprise yourself of your own hidden talents!


There will be an issue at work that you'll find very difficult to resolve. In this situation, I recommend that you find outside help to look after it! But while you get someone to help you, someone like a sibling will need your help with a situation they can't get out of. Go figure! There's a good chance you'll be traveling for the holidays. The only problem with this holiday season is everyone around you will be relying on you. Sorry!


To your surprise, you will be getting some unexpected guests this holiday. It should be very pleasant for you. You may be having a falling out with a friend of yours. I feel it has a lot to do with a huge misunderstanding. There has been a physical condition that has been ailing you for awhile. You'll now find a solution to take care of it.


There is a huge project that you are working on. Remember to pay attention to all the little details involved to make it successful. There is a friend of yours that you want to make up with, but the cards say for you to be more patient. Your partner wants to have an adventure with you. For some reason you want to run the other way. Just do it! You'll have no regrets!


To your relief, this will be a month that you'll be able to cut through some red tape that you've been going through for awhile now. This holiday you may have to balance work and play because you may get a work opportunity that's hard for you to turn down. There is someone you know that has been going through some health problems recently that they want to keep from you. You'll know who it is, so help them out.


There's a chance that you'll be going through some career changes right now. It is destined to happen to you because it will put you on the right course. You'll be dealing with a lot of little projects for the holidays, but you'll deal with them just fine. Your going to have to sign a contract of some sort. Be sure to read all the fine details before you sign it!


You may feel like you are going through a health crisis, but it might just be heartburn. Someone that you once worked for from your past will be calling on you to see if you would like to continue, but you have no urge to go there. Be polite when you turn down the position. (I get that you would love to tell them to f***k off!) I guess you must have had some good karma because you will be rewarded with a chunk of money.


Although you feel things are going at a snail's pace for you in your life, things are moving at the pace they should be moving. As the saying goes, "A watched pot never boils." So, just let the pieces fall into place on their own. If you push, you actually can do some harm! All they want you to do is just let go of things from your past and welcome the new things to happen to you.


For some reason you feel insecure with the decisions that you've made in the recent past. But in actuality, all your decision making will lead you on the right path for your future, so your yellow brick road looks just fine. There's a part of you that doesn't want to do much for the holidays. So why don't you make a compromise and just do things that are nearby.


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